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Cabinet designers suggest using Laran and rice boxes. Fortunately, I saw the discussion in the jar. At the last moment, I resolutely changed the two and used a disinfection cabinet

1. Cabinet designers suggest using Laran and rice boxes. Fortunately, I saw the discussion in the jar. At the last moment, I resolutely changed the two and used a disinfection cabinet

Keller cabinet, Jiajiamei cabinet, Clooney cabinet

2. Do not go through the exposed pipe between the gas pipe and the kitchen gas water heater. Open a slot on the wall to bury the PVC concealed pipe, so you don't have to punch holes in the table board. The power switches of kitchen discharge, microwave oven, refrigerator and other electrical appliances should be designed in advance. Don't buy matt tiles in the kitchen, otherwise it's greasy and difficult to wipe

3. DX customized for the overall cabinet must pay attention to the level of gusset plate, otherwise the cabinet will be exposed after it is installed; When installing the water pipe, it should be upward, otherwise the hose supporting the faucet is too short, and you have to buy a longer one again

4. Artificial marble is so tender that the ash or impurities on the rag can make its face spend. If you have no money to buy DuPont Corian, try to use white or light colored ones, so that even if there are scratches, they are not so obvious. Pity my black countertop

5. For marble countertops, don't listen to JS saying that silica gel should be used. Except for the square calculation of marble, corner cutting fee and edge grinding fee, other expenses should not be included. The labor cost is included in the square cost. In particular, don't use silica gel. It's a waste at all. It's originally used to pave marble with cement. I was fooled and used more than 100 yuan of silica gel to lay marble

6. The white artificial stone countertop in the kitchen should be provided for it like a God. When there is any oil or dirty water during normal operation, it should be wiped off quickly, otherwise it will be in it forever

7. The kitchen light should be on. It's best to install a light above the pool or the cutting table, otherwise my eyesight will be the same as that of a blind man at night. Kitchen cabinets should have drawers

8. There is nothing to be picky about the general service quality and product quality of group buying cabinets, but we must pay attention to asking more questions. The cabinet designer said that the back of the upper and lower cabinets can be coated with cement or leveled with poor secondary bricks, so I bought a box of secondary bricks. But our workers put dark blue bricks around the gas meter

9. When decorating the kitchen, I only considered the width of the refrigerator, but I forgot the thickness of the refrigerator. I forgot that there was a metal plate at the bottom behind the refrigerator, and only measured the thickness on the top. The result was 5 cm. Now the original place for the refrigerator was not enough. I wanted to draw a piece of the refrigerator, and it was near the door. I didn't know whether I should change it. The original refrigerator is very expensive. I'm not willing to stay and rent it

10. There are no drawers in the cupboard, so I think pulling blue is omnipotent. The drainage problem was poorly considered, which led to the dishwasher being installed three times, and it is still in shock

11. The position of the kitchen bucket is too middle. The water pipe is laid first, and the faucet position is set. The bucket can't move. It should be made clear to the decoration team at the beginning

12. Cooking utensils and disinfection cabinets can only be used when installing cabinets, opening countertops and designing cabinets, because cooking utensils should open countertops according to size, which is the last thing. The disinfection cabinet should be earlier, and the size should be obtained when the cabinet is retested, otherwise the cabinet cannot be further designed. If you are a decoration company, you can give them the size of the disinfection cabinet you are optimistic about. Now even if you buy it back, you'll measure it and put it there. You will regret if you reduce the price at that time

13. Add more layers of partitions inside the kitchen cabinet, that's right. LG platinum fireproof board used for my cabinet door works well, but if it is redecorated, I may consider customizing the finished door board. The hand-made door is not exquisite, only for reference. Don't be greedy for bargains on artificial stone platform. The management of bargains is very messy. Many goods are not right, and there is a serious problem of cross selling. I couldn't see these problems at the counter, but the truth came out when I went to the processing factory. I collected a box of small samples of various brands all over the city, and finally used expensive “ Monterey ”. It's better not to know. I only know that I can afford it by considering the price and quality

14. You can't rest assured until you draw the opening position of the artificial stone table, especially the basin under the table. My worktop is narrow and the basin is big. The worker said that he couldn't install it, but he completed the installation perfectly under his own planning. He should make an overall plan from the opening position to the support scheme. Don't trust the wisdom of workers too much

15. Installing the cabinet first and then the range hood is a big mistake!! The installation of range hood is a lot of trouble, and the seam between cabinets is also relatively large. It is better to install it at the same time

16. It must be better to use the back of your hand to switch the vegetable basin faucet. Those that must use fingers are not easy to keep clean, and it is also difficult to rotate when there is oil on your hands

17. It's best to buy more edge banding lines for cabinets. If you buy other materials at the same time, it's impossible to get a good price. This is a very profitable product, very cheap

18. When making kitchen cabinets, we should consider the size of the sink in advance. The keel spacing determines the size of the sink. My keel spacing is relatively small, and later I was very upset to buy a sink. Sink to the big building materials supermarket, such as Obi bar, the famous brand price in the big market is not cheap, and the miscellaneous brand quality in the big market is crazy

19. Make a 300*700 breakfast table under the kitchen window on the countertop dug from the sink

20. Relocation of house gas pipeline: it's OK to directly find someone who helps you lay the gas pipeline in the community. (it's also OK to let the property management help you find them.) the price is negotiable. I changed the price to 60 (the quotation he gave me was 160)

21. An electric cooker socket was designed next to the kitchen gas stove, and the size was not measured. As a result, when the cabinet was retested, it was found to be above a stove eye. Considering that this is a potential safety hazard in the future, we have to shift the stove to make the console smaller

22. Concealed works must be done well, especially the socket position of the kitchen should be appropriate, otherwise it will affect the size and overall effect of the kitchen cabinet

23. For the sake of safety, it is best to install a socket at the upper end next to the kitchen door so that the gas alarm can be released in the future. This must not be saved. If it is a long and narrow kitchen, and the cupboard and basin are at the top, it is best to install a chandelier above the cupboard and basin, otherwise washing things at night is backlit

24. When designing the kitchen, the only most useful drawer was blocked by the later refrigerator. As a result, the design was white, and there were no drawers (kitchen drawers are still very useful, more practical than cabinets)! Don't use dark colors on the ceiling of the kitchen, coupled with dim frosted lamps. Alas, the lighting type of the kitchen is the same as vanity

25. In order to save money, I bought Asian tiles (white and matte) for promotion in B & Q. my brain was hot for a moment. After listening to BF's words, I pasted them in the kitchen. Now it's useless. I just feel that it's much more laborious to wipe cement marks and add sealant than glazed tiles

26. In order to save money, I didn't buy a whole kitchen. The cabinet made by my own workers, but the gas stove was misplaced with the lower cabinet door. The cabinet under the water bucket had three doors, but there were four doors on the cabinet. How awkward it was. Remind students that if they ask workers to do it, they must make several cabinets and put them together like the whole kitchen, so that there will be no dislocation

27. Before removing the baffle of the flue, consider whether to sacrifice the exhaust air volume of the discharge or choose the rice flavor of the neighbor's house

28. The location of the refrigerator is not well considered. Now when you look at the kitchen from the living room, you want to have a corridor. And the kitchen switch is behind the refrigerator

29, cabinet

1) never put the gas pipe leading to the water heater through the lower cabinet

2) for the gas pipe leading to the stove, the horizontal pipe height should preferably be between 70-75cm. If it is too low, the space under the cabinet will be lost

3) under the gas stove, if you want to design a disinfection cabinet or drawer, you must consider not to touch the gas pipe




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