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Geomantic omen has been spreading in China for thousands of years. Because geomantic omen has a great impact on us, more and more people are affected by geomantic omen in their lives, and more and more people believe in and pay attention to geomantic omen in today's society; So in geomantic omen, what should we pay attention to when starting decoration? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

Pay attention to Feng Shui matters before decoration starts. 3. Don't let construction personnel scribble on the wall, especially unlucky words and paintings, especially portraits, and don't paint the wall directly after painting.</p>
<p>4. When installing stoves, doors, and beds in home decoration, choose a day.</p>
<p>5. From the beginning of construction to the completion of construction, try to ensure that there are people or noises in the house every day.</p>
<p>6. The owner and workers should be friendly and cooperative As a matter of fact, the owner must not owe money after checking in, and the debt is bad for the owner</p>
<p>mirrors need special attention in Feng Shui, and there must be mirrors on the dresser. What about the position of the dressing table? Next, check the Feng Shui taboos on the dressing table, and you can learn about them</p><p><a href=沈阳性病医院



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