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The main content and classification of enterprise management consulting

management consulting is a specific service activity. Generally, a management consulting will be determined in the form of a "project". Although in the early stage, the customers did not know what problems they had, the project content was generally determined after the management consulting contract was signed. The main function block of the project is the main content of management consulting service. In fact, the main content of management consulting is to provide systematic answers to different functional blocks of the enterprise through scientific and rigorous analysis according to the actual situation of the enterprise. According to the different problems of enterprises, we generally divide management consulting into the following categories according to the content:

I. strategic consulting strategy is the foundation of enterprises. In today's commercial society, in order to adapt to the changes of the external environment, enterprises must timely and accurately grasp the market dynamics, and quickly take appropriate and effective measures. Enterprises make this choice is a strategic decision. The focus of modern enterprise management has shifted to operation, and the focus of operation has shifted to strategic decision-making. Western entrepreneurs call today's era "strategic victory". Therefore, the enterprise strategy consultation has the first important position in the modern management consultation. The questions that need to be answered by the enterprise strategy often include: how will we compete in the market and maintain our advantages? How will we find new profit growth points? How will we continue to add value to our customers

strategic consultation is a service activity with strong policy. Moreover, it predicts the future changes of the enterprise environment and points out the direction of the enterprise's business activities. Therefore, the strategic consulting project is exploratory, and the proposed scheme is risky

business strategy is not blindly imitating others. To succeed, you must be original. The scheme proposed by the consultant must analyze the key issues affecting the development of the enterprise, analyze its essence, and truly put forward the visionary and practical concept of secretary general wangcuifen of the waterproof materials professional committee of the new China Construction Association

strategies written on paper are useless. When formulating the strategy, it is necessary to fully consider the customer's ability to implement the strategy so that the strategy can be implemented. No strategy is permanently effective. The pace of rapid changes in the market environment means that the formation and testing of strategies must be a continuous process. Therefore, the consultants should not only ensure the smooth implementation of the consulting scheme to a certain extent, but also help cultivate the clients' strategic adaptability to new opportunities and pressures

case description

customer background: it is a private enterprise unit with two listed companies, involved in five industries, and its business covers 26 provinces in China. In 2001, the turnover was more than 2 billion yuan and there were more than 6000 employees

project demand: the group was originally a small collective factory. Over the past 20 years of reform and opening up, it has experienced the process of entrepreneurship, development, expansion and adjustment. Facing the trend of global economic integration and China's economic marketization, the group's management put forward the slogan of "Second Entrepreneurship". Whether we can straighten out the internal management system and seize new market opportunities is the key to the success of the second venture

solution: after detailed internal interviews, industry interviews and questionnaires by consultants, the specific problems of customers were accurately identified. The project team and the group's management developed a thorough work plan to help the management clarify the long-term goals of the group's development, including industry positioning, basic values, core competitive advantages, etc. Reorganize the group into a holding company structure, and adopt different centralization and decentralization modes between parent and subsidiary companies. Finally, we worked out a practical implementation plan with the customer, which achieved good results, straightened out the internal management relationship, and defined the strategic direction


company refers to the relevant financial management experts who go deep into the enterprise site for investigation and research, start with the analysis of economic indicators that comprehensively reflect the company's financial management, find out the weak links, deeply analyze the financial and management factors that affect these indicators, and find out the key influencing factors. Then, according to the financial management requirements of the company's strategy and the actual situation of the company, it puts forward specific improvement measures and guides a series of activities to be implemented

pay attention to the collection of data, and understand the position of the enterprise in the market competition of the same industry by objectively and correctly evaluating the production and operation results and financial status of the enterprise. The results will provide the correct direction and objectives for the consultation of other aspects of enterprise management. What can not be ignored is that, through, new ideas and technical methods of financial management can be introduced for enterprises from different angles, so as to continuously improve the financial management ability and the level of financial management of enterprises

case description

customer background: the group company is a private enterprise. At present, the enterprise has entered a period of rapid development in scale from the start-up period. It is a large diversified enterprise group. The main business areas are real estate, pharmaceutical, tourist attractions, circulation, etc. The main products are a series of drugs based on broad-spectrum antibiotics, real estate projects represented by gardens and homes, etc

project requirements: clarify the role of financial management in group management; Solve the contradiction between decentralized operation and centralized financial control by providing financial management solutions; Establish and improve the information system of financial analysis serving management and decision-making; Establish a financial management information system based on ERP management information system

solution: first, conduct financial analysis, judge according to financial indicators, and standardize the financial management system. Data sharing and information integration are realized to ensure the accuracy of financial information. The group has strengthened its unified financial management, implemented financial budget management, improved operating efficiency and management level, and strengthened financial monitoring. It has improved the corporate image, popularity and reputation of the group company

III. marketing consulting

marketing consulting refers to the use of marketing theories and methods by consultants to conduct in-depth investigation and analysis of the current situation of the enterprise's marketing environment and marketing activities, so as to discover the risks, threats, recession crises and market opportunities for enterprise development, help enterprises solve existing problems, improve and innovate the enterprise's marketing activities, and enable enterprises to better avoid risks, To meet the challenges, overcome the recession crisis, seize and create market opportunities, and promote the rapid and sustainable prosperity and development of enterprises

different industries have different product values, uses, and usage methods. 5. The experimental steps, product life cycles and their stages are different, and consumers have different motivations and habits to buy different products. Therefore, the marketing of enterprises in different industries will be quite different. If an enterprise wants to survive and have a place in the market, it cannot live without a competition with its competitors. Therefore, marketing consulting should make efforts to develop competitive strategies and strategies that can defeat real and potential competitors and remain invincible

case description customer background: our customer is a holding enterprise of a listed company, which produces and sells a variety of products such as national level new drugs and national protected varieties of traditional Chinese medicine. Among them, a product is exported to more than a dozen countries and regions. It is a high-tech enterprise and spark demonstration enterprise in Shandong Province

project demand: the existing problems of customers lie in: (1) how to choose and combine the existing products/businesses in the face of changes in national industrial policies, the entry into the WTO and the limitations of their own resources. (2) Facing the increasingly fierce market competition, how to formulate marketing strategy and marketing planning plan to win competitive advantage. (3) In order to effectively implement the marketing plan, how to build the marketing organization and management system

solution: scientifically analyze the market capacity, market potential and competition situation of customers' existing products based on the changes of national industrial policies and macro situation by using industry databases and various analysis models, and select the leading products (combinations); Secondly, SWOT analysis is carried out for the enterprise to clarify the enterprise marketing strategic planning and design the product/business marketing planning scheme; Finally, in order to effectively enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise, its marketing management system and business process are restructured and reconstructed. The marketing plan points out the marketing development ideas for customers (small and medium-sized enterprises) and formulates appropriate marketing strategies and marketing action plans, thus effectively improving the market competitiveness and marketing ability

IV. human resources consulting

we are entering a new era. WTO will integrate us into a borderless economic system and a globalized business environment. In the face of the new competitive environment and challenges, effective management of human resources will become an important source for enterprise organizations to obtain competitive advantages. Strategic management of personnel, the most important asset in an enterprise organization, should become an important mission of the top leaders of an enterprise organization in the 21st century. It will also be the biggest secret for an enterprise organization to gain the maximum value-added and rich profit returns. An effective consulting scheme will promote enterprises to develop human resources correctly and effectively and manage human resources reasonably and scientifically, so as to create sustainable competitiveness for the development of enterprises

human resources consultation mainly focuses on personnel recruitment, performance appraisal, salary system, training and career planning. Since human resources are a kind of living resources and the main body for the survival and development of enterprises, we must adhere to the guiding ideology of "people-oriented" and put human factors, that is, the full play of human ability, the full development of human potential and the full mobilization of human enthusiasm, in the first place

the management theories and methods of human resource consulting involve multi-disciplinary knowledge such as management, psychology, organizational behavior, system engineering and information management. They are highly technical management work, so they have high requirements for the quality of consultants

case description

customer background: an enterprise is a listed company established in 1996. It is a large domestic food enterprise with an annual sales revenue of more than 800million yuan and currently has more than 1500 employees

project demand: with the sustainable development of the enterprise, the problems in salary and welfare are becoming more and more prominent, which seriously affects and restricts the expansion of the enterprise. Due to the lack of human resources theory of managers, the personnel management is stagnant and backward, and there is a lack of reasonable personnel evaluation and incentive all the year round, which seriously restricts the development of enterprises

solution: check the human resource management system, assist the enterprise to redesign its existing salary structure and welfare items, and reengineer the process of the performance appraisal system, fundamentally solving the bottleneck affecting the development of the enterprise. The sales revenue and profit of the enterprise in the current year increased by 26% and 15% over the same period

v. organization design consulting

the company's organizational structure refers to the company's department settings and the business relationship between departments. Efficient and seamless organization design is to ensure the implementation of the company's strategic objectives. Organization design consultation is to draw up an improvement plan based on the full analysis of the enterprise's business objectives, business activities, business status and the existing organizational structure, aiming at the shortcomings of the existing organizational structure, so as to make full use of enterprise resources, improve management efficiency and achieve the enterprise's business objectives. Organizational structure

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