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Introduction to the main features and functions of intelligent multi frequency eddy current testing instrument. It can be used for general defect evaluation (surface defects of metal components such as wheel set, valve, rail, line, etc.); Surface crack detection of various metal parts and ferromagnetic and non ferromagnetic welds; Thickness change detection of thin plate (wear, corrosion, mechanical wear, etc.); Thickness measurement of non-conductive coating or coating on conductor; Detection of interlayer corrosion or welding firmness of composite materials (such as detection of welds, skin and body defects of multiple stainless steel structures of EMU); Monitor the change of heat treatment state of metal materials of in-service locomotives and material sorting. The intelligent multi frequency eddy current tester adds the functions of weld detection with anticorrosive coating, crack sounding and conductivity test (optional), which is especially suitable for in-service and pre service detection of metal parts of railway system

multi frequency eddy current detector features:

two independent detection frequencies (which can be extended to eight frequencies at 25 ± 5 ℃ and under the condition of dark)

frequency range: 64hz-5mhz

fast and high precision/digital electronic balance

gain: 0-90 dB, Each gear 0.5db

each channel digital filter is

high pass: 0-500hz

low voltage should continuously add micro powder suspension pass: 10-10khz

automatic/manual amplitude and phase measurement

original non equal amplitude phase/amplitude alarm

the excitation amplitude of the probe can be adjusted by keyboard

and closely cooperate with the industry and research field. Graphene battery should realize rapid charging cooperation, double trace impedance plane graph and a belt curve Line display

c scan display

high brightness, wide viewing angle El field luminescence screen

temperature range: -25 ℃ - 60 ℃

internal power supply: rechargeable lithium battery

external power supply: AC 220v

expandable magnetic memory detection function with eight channels

expandable magnetic flux leakage detection function with eight channels

product weight: 2.15kg

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