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Main function application of paperless recorder

main function application of paperless recorder

1 Improve the accuracy of statistical fault analysis: the power supply is not turned on or the fuse of the display is broken. The system provides various forms of automatic reports, which not only saves a lot of manpower, but also reduces the error caused by human factors

2. Timeliness. Users can master the production dynamics of each region in real time, providing decision-making basis for rapid formulation of production and operation plans

3. Small amount of system maintenance. Due to the adoption of wireless communication technology, there is no communication line in the field, which can greatly reduce the amount of maintenance

4. The production condition can be monitored in the control room, with not only instantaneous flow but also cumulative flow; All parameters are not only indicated by bar chart, but also displayed by historical curve, so all parameters are clear at a glance

Nike released the report on Sustainable developers in fiscal year 2016 (2) 017

5 After the computer receives data wirelessly, it can not only display, process data and print reports, but also share data through the network

6. The user's field part adopts paperless recorder, which integrates acquisition, control, recording and display. It has simple structure and powerful function

7. Equipped with supporting computer management software, users can easily configure their own required images and process data according to their needs

8. Automatic alarm system. In case of an accident, the upper computer will send an alarm through calculation to remind users to take measures in time to reduce accident losses

meet the standard gb/t 22309 (2) 008

9 When using the paperless recorder, the user shall check the appearance, certificate of conformity and spare parts after receiving the paperless recorder. A list of spare parts is attached to the packing box

10. Please read this manual carefully before use. The LCD has a certain viewing angle. It is recommended that the user install the paperless recorder within the normal head up range

11. The contrast of the LCD screen will change under the influence of temperature. Under different temperature conditions or when the contrast of the LCD screen is too strong or too weak, the user can adjust it through the potentiometer at the back of the meter. When adjusting, the human eye heads up the LCD screen and observes it up, down, left and right, so that the contrast is moderate and the angle of view is within the normal observation range

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