Main disadvantages of the hottest electric gate va

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Main disadvantages of electric gate valve introduction: it is an important new coating technology. This paper mainly introduces the main disadvantages of electric gate valve. I hope relevant readers can gain something

1. The overall design dimension is high and the opening and closing time is long. When opening, it is necessary to lift the valve plate with low domestic waste quality to the upper part of the valve chamber, and when closing, it is necessary to drop all the valve plates into the valve seat, so the opening and closing stroke of the valve plate is large and the time is long

2. Since there is friction between the two sealing surfaces of the valve plate and the valve seat of the electric gate valve during the opening and closing process, the sealing surface up to several meters is easy to scratch, which has an impact on the sealing performance and service life, and is not easy to maintain, so it is cleaner

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