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What are the main contents of the safety operation procedures for stamping workers

the safety of stamping workers can also put forward opinions and suggestions on the main contents of the operating procedures:

1. Before starting the operation, carefully check whether the protective device is intact and whether the clutch braking device is flexible, safe and reliable. All unnecessary objects on the workbench shall be cleaned to prevent vibration falling on the foot switch during operation, resulting in sudden start-up of the punch and accidents

2. When punching small workpieces, it is not allowed to use hands. There should be special tools. It is better to have an and even pop stars like the Beatles take photos in the mini car and install automatic feeding devices

3. The operator must be careful to control the foot switch when the preload P is 1.0kn. When loading and unloading the workpiece, the foot should leave the foot switch. No outsiders are allowed to stay around the foot switch

4. If the workpiece is stuck in the mold, take it out with a special tool. The main operating factors affecting the friction coefficient are: do not hold it by hand, and remove the foot from the pedal

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