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Main characteristics of plastic products of professional ceiling fan hardware accessories manufacturers main characteristics of plastic products of professional ceiling fan hardware accessories manufacturers

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main characteristics of plastic products of professional ceiling fan hardware accessories manufacturers

Shanghai Xinyun plastic products Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specializing in the production of plastic products. It is a solution provider of plastic supporting products integrating mold development, injection molding and plastic products. When the service life of a pair of molds exceeds its service life, it is necessary to replace new molds, so the production of molds is often repetitive

the main characteristics of plastic products of professional ceiling fan hardware accessories manufacturers are that in many plastics, especially in PVC, styrene, poly (ethyl acetate), acrylate and other plastics, a small amount of residual monomers will produce unpleasant smell, and those smells can be eliminated by using resin with a small amount of residual monomers. For example, a plastic parts processing plant has developed a new grade of acetal copolymer, which releases very little odor during injection processing. Tertiary amine, the catalyst used in the production of polyurethane foam, often brings strong odor and fogs on the inner windows of automobiles

before the mold is installed on the injection molding machine, it shall be inspected to find out the quality problems in time, and the mold shall be repaired to avoid being removed after the mold is installed. When the fixed template and the moving template of the mold are inspected separately, attention shall be paid to the direction marks to avoid mistakes during mold closing. Products with strict appearance requirements, such as mirrors, light buttons, smooth surfaces and other products that are assembled outside without oil spray, must not have fingerprint oil spots

the temperature of the injection mold, the crystallization temperature and speed of different plastic particles are different, and the product appearance, deformation, size, plastic mold, etc. have different requirements, which makes the mold temperature control different when different plastics and product requirements are used. The injection pressure of molten plastic, the plastic is faced with great resistance in the process of filling the mold cavity, which makes the injection pressure directly determine the size, weight, density and appearance of the product

after the mold is fastened, start the mold slowly until the movable mold stops retreating. The position of the ejector rod should be adjusted to leave a gap of not less than 5mm between the ejector plate on the mold and the movable mold bottom plate, so as to prevent damage to the mold and eject the parts. Various moulds are widely used in various material processing industries. For example, sand mold or die-casting mold used for metal casting, forging mold and cold pressing mold used for metal pressure processing, etc

ps is an amorphous polymer with good fluidity and low water absorption (less than 0.2%), which is a kind of transparent plastic easy to form and process. The product has a light transmittance of%, strong coloring power and high hardness. However, PS products are brittle, prone to internal stress cracking, poor heat resistance (℃), non-toxic, with a specific gravity of about 1.04g/cm3 (slightly greater than water). Molding shrinkage (its value is generally 0..007in/in), transparent PS - this name only indicates the transparency of the resin, not the crystallinity. (chemical and physical properties: most commercial PS are transparent and amorphous materials. PS has very good geometric stability, thermal stability, optical transmission properties, electrical insulation properties and a very small tendency to absorb moisture. It can resist water and diluted inorganic acids, but can be corroded by strong oxidizing acids such as concentrated sulfuric acid, and can expand and deform in some organic solvents.)

the following problems should be paid attention to when making molds:

first, do not only focus on product design, but also ignore mold manufacturing:

when developing products or trial production of new products, some users often only focus on product development and development at the initial stage, ignoring communication with mold manufacturers. Insert molding refers to the injection of resin after pre prepared inserts of different materials are installed in the mold, and the molten materials are bonded and solidified with the inserts.

in recent years, it has been widely used in the fields of automobiles, household appliances, electronic communications, chemical industry and daily necessities. By using CAE technology, the whole injection molding process can be analogically analyzed on the computer before mold processing, and the filling, pressure maintaining and cooling of the melt can be accurately predicted. We can find the substitutes of these amines and use polyhydroxy compounds. Polyhydroxy compounds are not only the components of the polyurethane molecular chain, but also have the same catalytic activity. Some polyhydroxy compounds can even replace half of the tertiary amine catalysts. In this way, The smell of injection molding products becomes weak

after the preliminary determination of the product design scheme for the main characteristics of plastic products of professional ceiling fan hardware accessories manufacturers, there are three advantages to contact the mold manufacturers in advance:

1. It can ensure that the designed products have good forming process and will not modify the finalized design because the parts are difficult to process. It is a section of channel in the mold connecting the injection nozzle of the injection molding machine to the shunt channel or cavity. The top of the main runner is concave to connect with the nozzle

2. The mold manufacturer can make design preparation in advance to prevent improper consideration in a hurry from affecting the construction period. For plastic parts with high precision requirements such as electronic product shells, attention should be paid to their precision requirements from the beginning of mold manufacturing

3. Only when the supplier and the demander cooperate closely in making high-quality molds, can the cost be reduced and the cycle be shortened. Due to the great demand for product varieties and output, higher and higher requirements are put forward for the mold. Therefore, promote the continuous development of the mold

injection speed. The speed of the injection speed has an important impact on the final appearance quality of the product. The injection speed generally needs to be achieved by adjusting the oil supply to the injection cylinder per unit time. Barrel temperature and melt temperature. The melt temperature can be measured at the nozzle or by using the air jet method. The melt temperature plays a major role in the flow performance of the melt. The plastic has no specific melting point. The so-called melting point is a temperature range in the molten state. The control of these two temperatures also plays a crucial role in the quality of the product

II. Don't just look at the price, but consider the quality, cycle and service in an all-round way:

1. There are many types of molds, which can be roughly divided into ten categories of standards for actively developing the taste of special new materials for military and civilian use. According to different requirements of part materials, physical and chemical properties, mechanical strength, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, service life and economy, different types of dies are selected for forming. The purpose of mold trial is to find out the optimized process parameters and mold design. Even if the material, machine setting or environment changes, it can still have a stable and uninterrupted mass production environment, not just to obtain a good sample

2. The mold with high precision needs to be processed by high-precision numerical control machine tools, and the mold material and forming process have strict requirements. It also needs to use CAD/CAE/CAM mold technology to design and analyze

3. As some parts have special requirements during forming, the mold also needs to use advanced processes such as hot runner, gas assisted forming, nitrogen cylinder, etc

4. The manufacturer shall have CNC, EDM, wire cutting machine tools and CNC profiling milling equipment, high-precision grinding machines, high-precision three coordinate measuring instruments, computer design and related software

5. For general large stamping dies (such as automobile cover part dies), it is necessary to consider whether the machine tool has a blank holder mechanism, even edge lubricant, multi station progressive, etc. In addition to stamping tonnage, punching times, feeding devices, machine tools and die protection devices should also be considered

6. The manufacturing methods and processes of the above molds are not possessed and mastered by every enterprise. When choosing a cooperative manufacturer, we must understand its processing capacity. We should not only look at the hardware equipment, but also combine the management level, processing experience and technical strength. The shape and surface of some products, such as automobile panels, aircraft parts, toys and household appliances, are complex. The shape surface is composed of a variety of curved surfaces. Therefore, the mold cavity surface is very complex

7. For the same set of moulds, there is sometimes a big gap between the quotations of different manufacturers. You should not pay more than the mold value, nor less than the mold cost. Mold manufacturers, like you, should make reasonable profits in their business. Ordering a set of moulds with a much lower quotation would be the beginning of trouble. Users must start from their own requirements and comprehensively measure. The shape and surface are complex. For some products, such as automobile panels, aircraft parts, toys and household appliances, the pipes should be connected first and then refueled. The shape surface is composed of a variety of curved surfaces. Therefore, the mold cavity surface is very complex

in the packaging industry, people pay more and more attention to the injection molding process. The reason is that people use multi-layer molds, which is a progress in hot runner technology. Through the use of thin-wall injection molding process, the cost of raw materials can be saved. Other special processes, such as die marking method and multi-component technology applicable to plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials, also reduce the process steps, It has played a positive role in increasing output and benefits. Plastic packaging materials, especially in the field of food industry, have made great contributions to improving our living standards today because of their light weight and good durability

III. avoid multi head cooperation and try to integrate mold making and product processing:

1. Having qualified molds (qualified test pieces) may not necessarily produce qualified products in batches. This is mainly related to the type selection of machine tools, forming process (forming temperature, forming time, etc.) and the technical quality of operators. It is a section of channel in the mold connecting the injection nozzle of the injection molding machine to the shunt channel or cavity. The top of the main runner is concave to connect with the nozzle

2. With a good mold, there should also be good forming and processing. It is best to cooperate in a one-stop process and try to avoid multi head cooperation. It is still impossible to judge before the model test; to predict the flow pattern, it must be solved according to the very complex simultaneous equations of hydrodynamics and heat transfer, which is almost impossible to do by manpower

in order to prevent edge overflow and ensure proper exhaust of the cavity, when adjusting the hydraulic plug injection elbow joint mold locking mechanism, it is mainly based on visual inspection and experience, that is, when closing the mold, the elbow joint is first fast and then slow, that is, it is not very natural and not too reluctantly straightened, and the tightness of the closed mold is just right. For the mold requiring mold temperature, the tightness of the closed mold shall be calibrated after the mold temperature is raised. The forming shrinkage of metal insert is easy to be uneven, so the limit test of shape and dimensional accuracy of important parts should be done in advance

if the product design and cost are acceptable, the required budget can be allocated, and the product development is mainly focused on manufacturing. When the mold is completed, the“ α” (initial) product production, testing and assembly. After that, the initial product goes through a series of tests to verify its performance level, implementation standards and user satisfaction. If the initial product is not satisfactory, the manufacturing process, relevant tools and detailed component design shall be adjusted appropriately. At the same time, the operators will make detailed plans for quality control and training

after the mold locating ring is installed into the locating ring seat of the fixed template on the injection molding machine, close the mold at a very slow speed to make the moving template gently press the mold, and then put on the pressing plate. The pressing plate must be equipped with gaskets, and the pressing plate must be equipped with 4 pieces from top to bottom

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