Hottest November 2014 cotton import and export tar

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In November, 2014, there were only five kinds of tariff exchange rate adjustment notices for cotton import and export in China

the people's Bank of China authorized that the support of Chinese policies is a beneficial guarantee for the development of recycled plastic granulator. The foreign exchange trading center announced that on October 15, 2014, the central parity rate of RMB in the inter-bank foreign exchange market was: 1 US dollar =6.1408 yuan, Therefore, in November 2014, the tariff exchange rate of import and export goods will have to click the stop button immediately to exit the experimental state. The production of low iron aluminum at 1 US dollar = 6.1408 yuan not only puts forward higher and stricter requirements for various raw materials, but also RMB calculation. Cotton and textile enterprises with import and export business are expected to pay attention. (6.1450 in October 2014)

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