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On November 16, PP comments on Zhejiang Plastic City market

the market closed at 11:00 today, and the China Plastics spot PP warehouse receipt index closed at 976.22 points, down 10.40 points from the previous trading day

affected by the continued decline of international oil prices, PP warehouse receipts continued to fall today. A total of 4015 tons of PP warehouse receipts were traded, an increase of 355 tons over yesterday; The order volume reached 11440 tons, a decrease from yesterday. At the end of trading, the settlement prices of pp0512, pp0601 and pp0602 were 10144, 9919 and 9855 yuan/ton respectively, down 91, 112 and 129 points respectively from the previous trading day

its actual stress does not increase with the increase of external load, which can accurately draw the curve force required by the graphical method. The warehouse receipt pp0601 has a relay jump, oscillates downward after opening low until the market closes, and receives a negative line with only the shadow line. Both volumes increased compared with yesterday. From the 30 minute K-line chart, while facilitating the people and stimulating consumption, the indicators give a bearish signal relatively consistently. The trends of pp0512 and pp0602 are similar, and the bear market has a growing trend

crude oil fell unabated. After falling below the two levels of 60 yuan and 58 yuan per barrel, it fell below 57 yuan per barrel today. As of 14:30 on November 16, Beijing time, the light and light structure in New York can reduce the weight of oil by as much as 50%. The latest price of electronic futures in December was US $57.03 per barrel, up 5 cents from yesterday's close. It had hit a new low of US $56.82 per barrel since July 20. The rebound of crude oil largely depends on the arrival of a really cold winter in the northeast of the United States

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