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State machinery heavy industry Luoyang Company carries out fire emergency practice

state machinery heavy industry Luoyang Company carries out fire emergency practice

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in order to effectively strengthen the daily fire safety management of enterprises and improve the safety prevention and self-help ability of all personnel, high-speed downforce can be transmitted on the rear axle on June 20: when the speed exceeds 100km/h, state machinery heavy industry Luoyang company organizes fire emergency exercise activities. 54 employees of Luoyang Company headquarters and affiliated enterprises participated in and observed the drill

state machinery heavy industry Luoyang Company carried out fire emergency practice

before the drill, the full-time staff of Wubao fire protection of Luoyang Company gave detailed and vivid explanations to the on-site staff on the disposal plan beyond the cost of the emergency at the fire scene, the use principle of fire extinguishers, the knowledge of fire escape and self rescue, and how to use fire hydrants 600kN horizontal tensile testing machine for fire extinguishers 1000KN horizontal tensile testing equipment is a demonstration of some precautions in the operation of waterproof coiled material tensile testing machine with a specimen length of 500~3100mm. The fire drill activities that followed focused on simulating the scene of fire caused by gasoline leakage. The fire rescue team of each group of the company responded quickly, responded appropriately, handled decisively, and completed the emergency rescue and fire-fighting tasks in an orderly manner. The drill achieved the expected effect and achieved a complete success

through this drill, the scientificity and practicality of the fire safety emergency plan of Luoyang Company were tested, the rapid response and disposal ability of the company's employees to fire accidents were tested, and the employees' fire safety awareness and prevention skills were improved

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