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On November 1st, 2006, the famous global temperature and humidity measurement expert rotronic of Switzerland attended the 2006 Asia international factory and process automation technology and equipment exhibition in full dress, showing its rotronic digital, high-precision, wide temperature range industrial temperature and humidity sensors and transmitters; Explosion proof humidity transmitter; Temperature and humidity acquisition controller; Hand held temperature and humidity instrument; Hand held dew point meter; Temperature and humidity recorder; Multi channel temperature and humidity inspection instrument; Water activity analyzer; Meteorological temperature and humidity, wind speed sensors and other professional products have attracted the attention of many professional


rodronik has developed humidity sensors since 1967, and has become a leading humidity measurement expert in the world. Since the establishment of the Shanghai Office in 2005 and its entry into China, in just one year, rodronik's products have become a well-known brand in the field of humidity measurement in China, relying on years of experience accumulation and improvement, with the characteristics of high precision and high reliability, competitive prices and flexible solutions

the experience accumulated by rodronik company for many years makes its humidity sensor unique, and the product performance indicators are more in line with the needs of users. The special ASIC chip developed and designed by the company, together with embedded CPU and EEPROM, has launched a digital probe. The digital probe technology makes the probe and instrument can be combined arbitrarily without conversion error, and the calibration method is also fully digitized

with the application of the most advanced technology into the technology of force (load) attenuation rate (amplitude) and manufacturing process set in the experimental scheme, the level of temperature and humidity measurement of rodronik has been recognized all over the world. Its products include hand-held instruments, transmitters, laboratory instruments, recorders, etc., which are widely used in the drying process and meteorology, making the market of recycled plastic granulators more and more promising, including food, papermaking, semiconductors, chemical industry Military and other fields

headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, rodtronic has branches in the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Taiwan and other countries, with agents all over the world. In China, we have cooperated with many professional companies to provide users with excellent products and satisfactory services in three phases

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