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Luoyang City approved Luobo glass fiber company to establish engineering technology research and development center

recently, Luoyang science and Technology Bureau issued the notice on Approving the establishment of the first batch of engineering technology research and development centers in Luoyang in 2011. Luoyang Luobo glass fiber company has become the first batch of Engineering technology research and development centers approved by the city. If you want to do better, you have to invest a lot of energy in material selection, processing technology and detail processing units

Luoyang Luobo glass fiber company is an enterprise mainly engaged in the production of traditional glass fiber products. In the severe market competition, in order to improve the market competitiveness, it is necessary to build a domestic leading high-tech enterprise. In 2008, through the selection of outstanding talents, the company established the glass fiber engineering technology research center with three research institutes. The center is capable of collecting domestic glass fiber information, developing forward-looking high-tech products with market competitiveness, and equipped with testing equipment, gradually mastering the core technology of the industry, and striving to build the company into a leader in the central and Western glass fiber industry. After research, they determined that filter material products and electronic base materials are the company's leading products, built a national high-temperature filter material production and processing base, and built a featured thin textile reinforced base material processing base

in recent years, they have increased the capital investment in the R & D center and rewarded those who have made achievements in technological innovation, which has greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the majority of employees for scientific and technological innovation. They actively developed new products, new processes and new technologies, and realized the transition period from traditional industries to high-tech enterprises, which has significantly changed the economic benefits of the company. More than 60 kinds of high-tech products such as electronic base materials and filter materials have been developed successively, which has achieved a substantial increase in sales revenue and profits, and the income of employees has achieved an annual increase of about 8%. In recent years, the engineering technology research center has actively developed new products, and its influence in the industry has been significantly improved. Recently, the company developed the "R & D project of glass fiber membrane covered filter material products" and the "R & D project of rapier loom glass fiber selvedge technology", which won the third prize in the innovation and technological transformation category of the government's scientific research projects since 2014. Recently, for materials with low hardness (such as annealed steel, cast iron, etc.), Henan Machinery, metallurgy and building materials trade union and Henan Building Materials Industry Association made the commendation decision for the 2011 "Zhonglian Cup" Henan building materials industry technological innovation award competition. The company developed the project of "determination and calibration of steady-state heat transfer properties of 150b-ii building components and technical transformation of protective hot box method gb/t 13475 (9) 2 twister forming and winding device", Won the first prize of technology development. High tech products have become the main source of profits of the company. Due to outstanding technological innovation, they have been successively rated as high-tech enterprises by the Department of science and technology of Henan Province and Luoyang science and Technology Bureau. (Lobo group)

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