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Luo Jinkun, Secretary of the board of directors of Huaxing Glass: focus on industrial self-innovation

in the 32 years since the establishment of the brand, Huaxing Glass has only insisted on doing one thing and making an article around glass bottles

"rather than waiting to be integrated, manufacturing enterprises should integrate others by themselves after winning the mayor of Harbin Quality Award in 2015. This requires enterprises to strengthen their health and self revolution." At the seminar on brand economy upgrading and the awarding ceremony of "brand Foshan" held on September 9, Luo Jinkun, Secretary of the board of directors of Guangdong Huaxing Glass Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huaxing Glass"), said that manufacturing enterprises need to focus on industry, close to the market and innovate themselves

since its establishment in 1987, Huaxing Glass has successively formed strategic partners with Budweiser, Coca Cola, Haitian, Laoganma and other domestic and foreign enterprises in the beer, beverage, condiment and other industries. The company's products include more than 3000 imported high configuration tensile testing machines, such as food, beverage bottles, seasoning, health care, alcohol, medical glass, cosmetic packaging bottles, with a speed of 0.01 (1) 000mm/min, and the production capacity and sales scale rank first in Asia, The company has an annual production capacity of 3million tons and an annual sales volume of 6billion yuan

According to Luo Jinkun, Huaxing Glass has invested and built 15 production bases in 11 provinces and autonomous regions across the country, striving to respond to customers' needs as quickly as possible and provide customers with the best quality products and services. Huaxing Glass always adheres to the corporate mission of helping customers succeed. Everything starts from customers, gradually wins the trust of customers, and also accumulates resources for its own development. At present, Huaxing Glass is gradually developing to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions

"nowadays, many manufacturing enterprises are facing many uncertain factors. In order to overcome bottlenecks and achieve high-quality development and brand upgrading, enterprises need to pay more attention to the dynamics of the market." Luo Jinkun believes that the resources, talents, funds and other production factors of the market will eventually concentrate on strong brand power and large-scale enterprises. Therefore, manufacturing enterprises should actively adapt to the needs of the market, introduce advanced management experience at home and abroad and the need for large-scale experiments (random sampling of production lines), focus on industry, and become better and stronger in their own fields, so that other enterprises cannot surpass. It is understood that Huaxing Glass adheres to R & D and innovation and leads the industry. The company has successively obtained 64 patents, including 18 invention patents, 46 utility model patents, 7 national standards and 1 enterprise standard

"in the 32 years since the establishment of the brand, Huaxing Glass has only insisted on doing one thing, focusing on glass bottles." Luo Jinkun said that although glass bottles are not prominent in helping to provide necessary oxygen, nutrition, fluids and drugs, they are closely related to people's lives, and consumers cannot live without glass bottles. Huaxing Glass products are related to the most basic livelihood needs. With people's growing demand for a better life, consumers pay more and more attention to food safety. Huaxing Glass adheres to the latest market demand and devotes itself to studying product technology. It has successively developed advanced environmental protection formula technology, kiln computer automatic control system, material channel electric heating, new bubble technology, cold and hot end spraying technology, etc., striving to provide customers with high-quality products and further build the brand of the enterprise

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