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Deputies to the National People's Congress suggested accelerating the promotion of RFID technology in tires. As deputies to the National People's Congress, at the "two sessions", yuan Zhongxue, director of the national rubber and tire engineering technology research center, submitted a proposal closely related to the industry: "suggestions on accelerating the promotion and application of RFID technology in China's tire products"

adding a chip with only a few yuan on the tire can integrate the production quality and road driving information of the tire, which can not only ensure the tire quality, but also ensure traffic safety and speed. This is the role of RFID, that is, RFID electronic tags for tires

yuan Zhongxue, a deputy to the National People's Congress, suggested accelerating the promotion of RFID technology on tires.

it was learned that with Qingdao soft control Co., Ltd. as the main body, China has successfully developed this kind of electronic label and successfully opened up the international market

according to yuan Zhongxue, the use of RFID electronic tag technology on tires can be "beneficial" from three aspects. First, it is conducive to the country to strengthen the quality supervision of tire products, especially exported tire products

second, it is helpful for consumers to distinguish product quality

third, it is conducive to promoting Chinese tire enterprises to pay attention to product quality, so as to standardize the development of the tire industry and promote the production capacity optimization, transformation and upgrading of the industry

specifically, the application of RFID electronic tags for tires can provide a data carrier for the grade identification of China's green tire products, write the grade data into the tire tag, and realize the binding of tire grade data in the whole life cycle of tires, accompanied by the lifelong use of tires

at the same time, RFID technology provides an effective data tracking carrier for each tire, making the tire more intelligent and supporting the construction of tire couplets and car couplets

combined with the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), it can monitor the temperature, pressure and other data of tires in real time, which is convenient for car drivers to master the status of tires during use at any time, so as to effectively reduce safety accidents

it is reported that the four international standards of RFID electronic labels for tires were mainly drafted by Qingdao soft control Co., Ltd., with the participation of many organizations and units from around the world

October 6, 2015 indicates that the shear capacity of cast iron materials under pressure is less than the compressive capacity. These four international standards were officially approved by ISO, and then the iso/tc31/wg10 (International Organization for Standardization/Technical Committee on zigzag tires, rims and valves/RFID electronic labels for tires) working group was formally established

&em is expected to achieve an average annual operating income of 5.613 billion yuan sp; This working group is composed of 43 expert members from 9 countries, including China, with the participation of technical experts from Michelin of France, Bridgestone of Japan and other companies

in July 2016, experts held a global official launch meeting of four standards in Brussels, Belgium

it is understood that these four standards are: radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic tags for tires; Radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic tag implantation method for tires; Test method for radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic tags for tires; Tyres are encoded with radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic tags

as early as April 2014, the four standards were included in the first batch of industry standard formulation and revision plan (key) of 2014 by the Ministry of industry and information technology

on January 15, 2016, the four industry standards of slowly unscrewing the oil delivery valve were officially approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and officially implemented on July 1, 2016

in Yuan Zhongxue's eyes, RFID electronic tags for tires can collect and record data such as tire couplets and green tire grades, effectively monitor the quality and life cycle of tire products, eliminate backward tire production capacity, build product brands with high-quality tires in the market, and realize the upgrading and development of China's tire industry

(source: tire world)

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