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"Now on top" makes it a part of the Internet

last year, Google released a sophisticated and complex operating system, which is compatible with almost all Android devices, from watches to TVs to cars. This year, Google will optimize Android m, among which there are many exciting highlights

this annual innovation is no stranger to any technology fan, but it's hard to say what Google's next improvement and innovation will be. Generally, people can expect innovation in the following aspects: battery life, simplified settings, vulnerability repair. In addition to these aspects, we need to count the new employees who will make headlines, such as the improved mobile payment system. No matter the changes are small or large, we are all looking forward to it

this year's M system upgrade looks very detailed, but in fact, the impact of the financial crisis sweeping the world is not small. The question Google is thinking about is how to make it do more without making it more complicated, The answer given by this Internet giant is intelligence. One of the most important and noteworthy new features of Android m is now on tap (now refers to Google now, tap refers to pressing the home screen key, which together means Google now). This is an evolutionary version of Google now, which aims to integrate the user's experience of using Google now to obtain relevant information on the home screen into all applications. In the three years since Google now was released, Google has been expanding its database. Now is much smarter than when it was born. It knows how to infer the information you want by combining your geographical location, calendar, email, recent search and other information

android m provides now with another source of information to promote the concept of public welfare: when users long press the home screen key in any application, they will read the current screen and create now cards according to the information on the screen. Aparna chennapragada, Google's product manager, vividly describes this function as smart copy and paste. Users don't have to choose the information they want and then open another application to paste it. Google now will do everything for users. You just need to press and hold the home screen key to trigger it

the core meaning of Google is to better organize user information. In the field of mobile devices, what people want is nothing more than simpler and faster search results and operation results, and the less effort they spend, the better. So Google plans to take advantage of its advantages in machine learning and apply them to all aspects. Now on tap is an assistant that helps users save time and effort

in the presentation, a WhatsApp message mentioned going to the dry cleaner to pick up clothes and go to the restaurant for dinner. At this time, press and hold the home screen key, now will automatically read the screen and create a reminder for users to pick up clothes and eat, with map navigation and restaurant evaluation attached. This function is valid for any text displayed on the 2.01 ~ 2.50 screen. Google now will answer your questions according to your use environment. For example, when you ask it who is the lead singer of the band when listening to the song, it will give the correct answer without hesitation

on the other hand, the powerful function of now on tap is somewhat worrying. Google now has mastered a large amount of information about us through user search records, location records, inboxes, calendars and other ways that you can't think of. Before, now may also know our chat content, but it doesn't know who we are chatting with. Now on tap, Google now knows everything. Chennapragada said that now on tap will not scan the user's screen all the time, but only when the user issues a command. At the same time, he also stressed that Google does not store user information. After analysis, all user screen data will be removed, so there is no need to worry about privacy disclosure

now on tap is technically based on the platform level service assist API on Android, which means that all developers can use the information on the screen. In other words, developers are reading the data on the user's screen, not Google. But no doubt all the data will pass through Google. Google started as a search engine at first, and its search business is still the best one Google has done so far. But now people's life is no longer simply on the Internet. With the popularity of intelligence, tablets and watches, a large part of people's life has been transferred to mobile applications. For a search engine like Google, this is its data blind spot. To exaggerate, will now on tap be a Trojan horse that helps Google cover this blind spot? After enabling this function, all information in can be obtained in theory, and the information originally locked in various applications is now exposed

despite these concerns, now on tap will still be a very creative product for most users. It makes full use of Google's advantages in cloud services and intelligent learning to make the information in the application searchable. Chennapragada said: in the era of desktop computers, search is a white box, and with now on tap in the mobile era, people no longer need to use search boxes to access the Internet, which is an epoch-making innovation. Your is no longer just a tool for connecting to the Internet, but increasingly becomes a part of the Internet

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