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Wuyan, deputy to the National People's Congress and general manager of Chongqing paisenbai orange juice Co., Ltd.: building a brand system of agricultural products to help Rural Revitalization Strategy

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the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee proposed to give priority to the development of agricultural and rural areas and comprehensively promote rural revitalization. So how to comprehensively Support Rural Revitalization? At the two sessions of the National People's Congress this year, Wuyan, a deputy to the National People's Congress and general manager of Chongqing paisenbai orange juice Co., Ltd., talked about his feelings and suggestions on the topic of "Promoting Rural Revitalization and construction in an all-round way with branded agriculture"

Zhong County, the hometown of Wuyan, is located in the center of the Three Gorges Reservoir area. It has a history of citrus planting for more than 2000 years, so it is known as "China's citrus city". Twenty years ago, when studying in the United States, Wu Yan came across that the Three Gorges Reservoir Area in Chongqing, Sao Paulo in Brazil and Florida in the United States are recognized by the international citrus industry as the three most suitable production areas for processing citrus cultivation. With her love for her hometown, she gave up her high paying overseas job in 2003 and joined Chongqing paisenbai orange juice Co., Ltd. in the hope that through her own efforts, she could improve the development level of the citrus industry in her hometown and help farmers increase their income and get rid of poverty

in the 18 years since joining the front line of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" in his hometown, representative Wuyan has deeply realized that the key to Rural Revitalization lies in industry, and the foundation of industrial prosperity lies in agriculture. Branding is an important symbol of agricultural modernization and an important driving force for the implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy

through in-depth grassroots visits, research, analysis and reference to foreign successful experience, representative Wuyan put forward suggestions on building a brand system of agricultural products to help Rural Revitalization in combination with the current situation of domestic agricultural development

"first of all, we need to promote brand development with innovation and strive to build high-end and high-quality brands." Representative Wu Yan suggested that a smart agricultural big data system can be established, and 5g network and IOT technology can be fully used to build an agricultural big data system, so that the agricultural production land, Variety Planting distribution, growth, yield estimation and other conditions can be timely digitized, so as to provide effective support for government development planning, agricultural product safety, agricultural product supply and marketing, enterprise investment and industrialization, etc

"at the same time, we should establish standards for seed selection, seedling raising, standardized garden construction, planting management and protection, picking, processing and production, product classification and packaging, in which more than 50% of exports to the United States are transported, and sort out the standards for export and domestic sales according to the requirements of different countries, so that standardization runs through the whole process of production, supply and marketing." Representative Wu Yan said that only by building these systems well can agricultural brands have better development

representative Wu Yan believed that the creation of characteristic brands and the creation of regional logo brands are equally important. For example, at the agricultural trade fair last year, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas has begun to carry out innovative marketing of agricultural brands. For the first time, it specially promoted agricultural enterprise brands, which has been well received by the market and recognized by enterprises

"in addition, the development of agricultural industry and brand cultivation will essentially be distinguished from Jinan experimental machine factory, which is a long-term process. It is necessary to establish a long-term mechanism for the government to empower agricultural brands, so as to better protect the healthy and stable development and growth of excellent agricultural brands." Representative Wu Yan's final suggestion

"this year's government work report once again clearly stated that we should comprehensively implement the Rural Revitalization Strategy to promote the stable development of agriculture and increase farmers' income." Representative Wuyan said excitedly that she would lead enterprises to accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and do a good job in the whole citrus industry chain. 1. The purpose is to support enterprises to use information technology and advanced means to "chain owner" enterprises, develop the demonstration industry chain of smart agriculture combining planting, breeding and ecological recycling, promote the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries through 5g, big data, agricultural IOT and other high-tech, and explore the establishment of a visible, usable and replicable development model of smart agriculture, Contribute to the overall promotion of Rural Revitalization

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