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Characteristics and application of water transfer printing

water transfer printing is a new technology that uses water as the medium and combines the cutting-edge offset printing technology to print on the surface of objects. Traditional silk screen printing and pad printing processes are helpless for workpieces with complex external surfaces. Water transfer printing can not only deal with this problem easily, but also apply to different materials. Moreover, because the pattern and color are lively, it not only is an indispensable basic production link for a large number of industrial and agricultural products, but also greatly improves the added value of products. It is a revolutionary new transfer technology in the 21st century

characteristics of water transfer:

(1) simple operation: only simple tools such as tap water and cloth crushing can complete the whole transfer process

(2) wide range of materials: Plastic ABS, PC, PP, PVC, PU, acrylic; Alloy, glass, ceramics, wood, etc.)

(3) the pattern effect is lifelike, the dots are fine, and multiple complex patterns can be completed at one time

(4) safe transfer can be completed on various uneven and irregular workpiece surfaces

(5) all water transfer inks are safe and non-toxic, and have passed the international standard test of EN-71 on March 17 this year

(6) it has strong adhesion. After transfer printing, it can pass the industry Baige test without spraying varnish on the surface, which greatly reduces the production cost for customers Stable and reliable data transmission

Application of water transfer:

(1) fine toys: simulation cars, toy cars, gifts and handicrafts

(2) electronic products: clocks, household appliances, etc

(3) sporting goods: bicycles, skates, clubs, etc

(4) daily necessities: glasses, glasses boxes, pens, pen holders, calendar holders, art picture frames, rackets, makeup boxes, furniture, etc

(5) personalized products: Flower stickers, which were published in the 7th issue of modern practical medicine in 2014. Sexual ceramic stickers, crystal craft stickers, tattoo stickers, fluorescent stickers series, etc

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