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Characteristics and use of pedal shear Product Description:

pedal shear has beautiful appearance and novel structure. It adopts sliding guide rail, and the pedal tension spring adopts sliding fulcrum fixed type, so that its operating force is reduced by two thirds. Some machine tools are equipped with pressing devices, with high cutting quality. China Xinda has a diversified product layout, and has the characteristics of light weight and convenient movement, It is widely used for manual cutting in sheet metal industry

characteristics of pedal shear:

1 This machine is generally used for cutting hardware, electrical appliances, colored tiles and thin plates. It is suitable for cold sheet metal and cold cutting. 2. Before use, keep the machine balanced, fill oil often, and keep the oil cup with oil for lubrication and light work. 3. No electricity and manual cutting. The structure is reasonable, the cutting is automatically reset, and the foot pedal is light and free. It is equipped with a cutting stop and a step bar folding device. The cutting quality: the incision is neat, the edge line is straight, and there is no burr, so as to achieve the effect of precision cutting. Power saving, labor-saving, precision cutting, convenient, economical and practical, through outward combination. Preparations before the test run of the pedal shear

fill the lubricating oil according to the lubricating parts of the pedal shear machine The production process control software of the automatic plate shears adopts a modular structure. The program design of the sequence control system can be carried out according to the flow chart, or the program table of each step action can be written, or the logic function diagram can be drawn. The control program is divided into two parts. One part is the main program, which is used to initialize the system, that is, to set the interrupt control word and count constant; The other part is the interruption service program, which controls the production process of the plate shear system

check the fastening of bolt connections, such as the connection between the blade fish slider, the connection between the blade and the lower worktable, and the connection between the lower worktable and the machine body Check that the clearance of the blade is adjusted properly The structural composition and working principle diagram of the pedal shear system are shown in Figure 1. The system can cut large plates as required and transport them to the packaging line or each material point by the feeding trolley. When it does not act, the limit switch of the pressure block and the shear knife is closely related to the food, clothing, housing and transportation related to people's life. ST2, ST3 and ST4 are all disconnected, and the travel switch ST1 and the photoelectric proximity switch ST7 are also disconnected. The shear knife, pressing block and material selection mechanism are respectively driven by AC motor, and the material transportation trolley is driven by DC control motor

before the formal operation of the motor, first rotate the machine manually, check the extreme pressure performance of each part of the machine, measure the working condition of the very accurate position, and then check the blade clearance with a feeler gauge. After everything is normal, the machine can be tested It is forbidden to use pedal shears for excessive length and thickness, and it is not allowed to use shears to shear quenched steel, high carbon steel, alloy tool steel, cast iron and brittle materials. Check the equipment according to relevant regulations and make preparations for start-up. The motor is not allowed to start with load, and the clutch should be disengaged before starting. After the practical application of the automatic transformation of many different types of plate cutting machine tools, it fully reflects that the system has the characteristics of high integration, high machining accuracy, good economy, convenient operation, high automation level, and the reliability, maintainability and flexibility of the equipment are excellent, which can basically meet the growing needs of modern mass production of electromechanical equipment plants

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