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Characteristics and application of Xi'an Xichi motor soft starter

with the rapid development of power electronic technology and the continuous improvement of the requirements of transmission control for automation, the intelligent motor starting equipment with SCR as the main device and MCU as the control core, soft starter, has been more and more used in all walks of life. Due to its excellent performance, small volume and light weight, It has intelligent control and multiple protection functions, and various starting parameters can be adjusted according to different loads, so its load adaptability is very strong. Therefore, the electronic soft starter will gradually replace the backward y/Δ、 Traditional decompression starting equipment such as self coupling decompression and magnetic control become inevitable

Xi'an Xichi electric company is a professional manufacturer of motor soft starters. The CMC series motor soft starters produced by our company have shown excellent advantages in both performance and price after many years of promotion, application and continuous updating since they were put on the market. At present, the power coverage of CMC soft starter on the market ranges from 7.5kW to 500kW. Series products mainly include:

C-P simple motor soft starter

C-G standard motor soft starter device cabinet

C-Q light load energy-saving motor soft starter

C-S LCD intelligent motor soft starter

C-H high voltage motor soft starter

II. The principle and characteristics of CMC soft starter

the basic principle of CMC series motor soft starter is shown in the figure, and its control core adopts CPU single chip, The main circuit adopts three pairs of anti parallel thyristors to form a phase control form by controlling its conduction angle θ To achieve the purpose of changing the output voltage, so as to realize the smooth starting of AC motor. CMC soft starter has the following characteristics:

1 The unique structural design makes the internal layout of the soft starter more reasonable, simple, compact, easy to install, and easy to integrate into the existing system

2. Because CMC soft starter adopts stepless voltage regulation of power devices, the starting process of motor is more smooth. Compared with traditional starting equipment, it avoids the use of direct starting and Y/Δ、 The mechanical and electrical shock caused by self coupling decompression and magnetic control, and the initial torque of CMC soft starter can be adjusted according to the load situation, so its load adaptability is stronger, and it is more suitable for the start of heavy load and large load

The main control circuit of the

c soft starter adopts single-chip microcomputer technology, which makes the hardware circuit structure simple, and the signal transmission in the control unit adopts photoelectric isolation. At the same time, relying on the powerful software function, it realizes the full digitization of the controller, which is little affected by the fluctuation of the power supply voltage. A series of anti-interference measures are adopted in the circuit, which can work normally even in the harsh electromagnetic noise environment. In the control system, the fuzzy control theory is used to control the current limit, slope and current limit + slope in the starting process, so as to avoid the resonance phenomenon that may occur in the process of workers performing their duties in the post

4. After the controller starts, it automatically outputs the start completion signal to control the bypass contactor to power on the motor, so that the service life of the thyristor can be extended, and the bypass contactor does not carry current for switching, so its service life depends on its mechanical life, thereby reducing the maintenance cost of the equipment

c-p soft starter is easy to operate, and the parameter setting is intuitive and easy to understand; Cmc-s LCD/digital display parameter setting is operated through the keyboard, and the Chinese display/English code display is more convenient. At the same time, it can also communicate with the upper computer through RS485 communication interface to realize PC monitoring

c soft starter has remote control interface, which is convenient to realize remote control and interlock control

c in addition to the soft start/soft stop function, the soft starter is also equivalent to a comprehensive motor protector, which is used to realize the protection functions of overcurrent, overload, phase loss, overheating, etc., and can effectively prevent the damage of the motor

III. typical applications of CMC soft starter

because the power supply voltage setting range of CMC soft starter is wide and the overload capacity is strong, it can be used for motor starting in various occasions. The following is a description of our company's industries with many applications and large usage:

1 Start control of fans and pumps in large factories such as iron and steel, chemical industry, building materials, papermaking, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food processing, water plants, etc

2. Control of water supply pumps, ventilation systems, circulating pumps, fire pumps and spray pumps in air conditioning and refrigeration stations in large buildings such as high-rise buildings, hotels, large shopping malls and entertainment centers

3. Control of boiler water supply pump and induced draft fan motor of thermal heating system

4. Control of oil supply pump, air supply compressor, leakage and maintenance drainage pump of secondary circuit of hydropower station

5. Compressor control system of natural gas vehicle filling station

6. Water conservancy irrigation, water diversion works, sewage pumping station control system


our company will cover the pressure. The experimental machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a precision test instrument board for measuring the mechanical properties, process properties, internal shortcomings of metal materials, non-metallic materials, mechanical parts, engineering junction impact experimental mechanisms, etc. under various conditions and environments, and for checking the dynamic imbalance of rotating parts. As always, we continue to be committed to the development, application and promotion of motor starting control technology, Continue to introduce newer and better products to serve the society, and make efforts to improve the automation level of enterprises and institutions

IV. CMC soft starter selection recommended

c-p type: suitable for electrical switchgear plants and system integration supporting suppliers. Because of its small size and simple operation, it is very convenient for electrical switchgear plants and system integration supporting suppliers to install in their own power distribution cabinets and form a complete electrical system according to their own requirements

c-g soft starter device: suitable for direct users. Since the device has incoming circuit breaker and bypass contactor, it can be used only by connecting three power lines and three motor lines, which is convenient for users

c-s type: because its operation interface adopts Chinese LCD, the man-machine dialogue is more direct, and it has rs485/232 communication interface. It can monitor the operation status and operation of multiple motors through PC integration, and can set two different sets of operation parameters at the same time, which can be selected arbitrarily

c-h type: applicable to the starting of high-voltage motor, with voltage grade up to 6kv/10kv

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