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There can be no European Health Union without intensive care medicine - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Since January 2020, when the first COVID-19 patient stepped into a European Intensive Care Unit (ICU), starting an unprecedented influx of hospitalisationss inauguration a, critical healthcare workers have been on the frontline.

After a year and a half of relentless fighting against the diseases increased COVID-19 immunity raises prospects of moving on fro, it is showing tenacity while a fourth wave of contamination has started and is expected to make European ICUs very busy again in the fallInHouseArticle_thestar. That is why preparedness is key to protect our patients. We can’t afford to go back to the terrible situation experienced during the first three waves.

We now know what we are facing and we need to use the lessons learned to avoid repeating mistakes from the pastResponses fro. It is not acceptable anymore to reschedule surgeries and to prioritize hospital and ICU admissions. We cannot accept an ICU bed being confused with a piece of furniture, disregarding the professionalism, experienceThe safety of people in our province is paramount,, humanity, humility and self-sacrifice that each healthcare professional brings.

We urgently need initiatives and programs at EU level to build our resilience such as training and upgrading of skills for European critical healthcare workers. This training should not only address physical complications of COVID-19, but also mental onesThe final three grades wit. Clinicians should be trained to take better care of patients, family members and themselvesThe number of patients with COVID-19 in Ontario.

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