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Yama Wang flooring: there is no best, only better

Yama Wang is a comprehensive integrated whole wood household brand of flooring brand, wooden door brand and ship wood products under Amazon Guangzhou wood industry. There are many floor franchisees and wooden franchisees with unified image and authorization in China. The company has been winning with quality, with great brand influence and strong brand operation ability. From the beginning of making flooring, the company has covered all kinds of wood flooring, all kinds of wood doors, ship wood furniture and other products, with a rich product line. With the integration of Yama Wang's brand resources and the proposal of the slogan of "opening a store and making double money" this year, I believe that Yama Wang will, as always, give systematic guidance to franchisees, and implement scientific and reasonable advertising support policies and promotion and marketing plans. As a dealer, I think in addition to the company's platform, we also need to understand the local market, formulate local sales plans according to local conditions, improve our performance, carry forward Yama Wang's brand, and double our own profits

from the experience of being a dealer of Yama Wang for many years, I think that if a dealer wants to do a good job, it can only start from the following two aspects:

1 For myself, do a good job of service and be willing to invest. For example, if you want to establish a brand, advertise and do activities in the local area, you must be willing to invest. Doesn't it mean that you have to give up? If you want to do it well, don't be greedy for those petty profits. Only in this way can it be effective. In dealing with customers, first of all, shopping guides must be careful, patient, warm and thoughtful to customers. Let customers feel that value for money. Because today, with serious homogenization, in addition to products, customers pay more attention to services

2. You must believe in your brand. Dealers and companies must have a common goal and drive their forces in the same direction. Many flooring and wooden door manufacturers and enterprises did not pay attention to this point in the process of investment promotion, but simply thought that it was OK to recruit dealers and distribute goods to them. However, in fact, this is only one part of it, and it is also the simplest part. If there is no exchange of ideas and business ideas between enterprises and dealers, the foundation of cooperation is not solid, which is why many enterprises complain that their dealers' loyalty is very low. Only when the ideas of both sides are unified can the cooperation be lasting

in the process of joining Yama Wang, although it did go through many difficulties. I have also tried to have many misunderstandings with the factory. However, I know that the yama King flooring wooden door manufacturer is really working for our dealers. With our joint efforts, I have also witnessed my achievements. Now, I have a firm foothold in the local market. Next year, if conditions permit, I plan to expand the store. I hope yamawang can give our dealers more support and preferential policies in the future

Yama Wang flooring ・ wooden door dealer: boss Wang

Yama Wang flooring ・ wooden door

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