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Yesterday, Mr. Ji, the head of the decoration company who has been engaged in decoration in Harbin for nearly 20 years and has cooperated with many real estate enterprises, broke the news to this newspaper &mdash& mdash; Some so-called hardbound houses are rough decorated houses with only face and no lining. Some developers blindly exaggerate the decoration standards, but the actual cost is ridiculously low, which causes many consumers to spend a lot of money to buy inferior products

Mr. Ji revealed that some developers launched fine decoration to hype the sale of houses. Our decoration company is most willing to do all, that is, the current overall home decoration (fine decoration). Even excluding the profits paid to developers, the profits of our hardbound house repair can reach 50% to 60%

Mr. Ji calculated an account for the reporter &mdash& mdash; Take Mr. Liu's hardbound repair house by the Dongsheng River, which covers an area of 47 square meters: about a barrel and a half of paint is used to paint the wall, and the cheapest paint can be bought for 100 yuan a barrel. It is said to be Dulux and other brands, and the owners can't see it. At present, the cheapest floor available in the market is more than 20 yuan per square meter. In addition to the bathroom, kitchen and balcony, the floor area to be paved is about 40 square meters. If you add 3 yuan per square meter, the total price is about 1000 yuan. The total price of shower equipment, toilet, wash basin and other sanitary ware for hardbound is more than 1000 yuan

Mr. Ji said: as for ‘ Brand ’ For air conditioners and water heaters, we will buy old models that will be quickly removed from the shelves. Sometimes the kick angle line is marked ‘ Solid wood composite ’, The price of the kick angle line quoted by the house is hundreds of yuan, but it actually only costs about dozens of yuan, and plastic kick angle line may even be used. According to the actual operation standard of Mr. Ji, the maximum cost of a 47 square meter hardbound house is less than 15000 — 18000 yuan, and usually such hardbound repair houses are about 50000 yuan more expensive than wool embryo houses

According to the reporter, at present, the quality acceptance of hardbound houses in Harbin is still carried out according to the construction project. However, the acceptance of the construction department pays more attention to the project construction and the safety of the main structure, which involves few decoration parts, and mostly depends on seeing and touching

the staff of the Municipal Quality Supervision Department told reporters that at present, Harbin has no official formal organization to evaluate and inspect the decorated houses, the construction quality supervision department is not professional in detecting the decoration, and the authority of the organization run by the decoration industry is not high, which causes the quality of some fine decorated houses to be mixed, and most of them have become a gimmick for developers to sell houses and a new way to encircle money, and some low-quality decoration materials have brought hidden dangers to the health of consumers

the false concept of escaping responsibility for hardbound houses

according to the relevant person from the complaint department of the municipal construction project quality supervision station, in the relevant engineering specifications, there is only the standard of fully decorated houses, but there is no standard for hardbound houses. The so-called hardbound house repair by the developer is nothing more than rough house + ordinary decoration. Developers use fine decoration as a selling point and avoid their own responsibilities

this person believes that hardbound houses should at least meet the standards of citizens' home decoration, but now developers and decoration companies rely entirely on the self-discipline of the development units. In recent years, so many fine decorated single apartments have been delivered, and few real estate companies have entrusted them to supervise and accept the quality of decoration and repair





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