Asia Pacific Tianneng smart lock Lantern Festival

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The Asia Pacific Tianneng smart lock Lantern Festival starts. You will have the opportunity to win the event prize if you participate in the event. Come and join us

Lantern Festival is coming ~

I don't realize that today last year, it was another Lantern Festival

the Spring Festival has come to an end.

watching lanterns, guessing lantern riddles, eating Lantern Festival, playing Dragon lanterns...

we must have a good time during the festival. Asia Pacific Tianneng has prepared

cash red envelopes, five piece gift packs and other good gifts

to spend a happy lantern night with you

if you participate in activities, you will have the opportunity to obtain


yuanxiao, yuanxiao, reunion, Yuanfang has tonight

on this day of every year, I will invite my relatives and friends to my home to get together. We will eat yuanxiao, drink wine, talk about the mountains, talk about the work of wonderful flowers, and discuss this year's plan

although it's good in previous years, I always feel like a sunset party HH

you know, I can't even reach greasy middle-aged orz

so when I just changed the Asia Pacific Tianneng fingerprint lock this year, I'm ready to do a wave of things, it's like guessing lantern riddles

"brothers, the password of the door is my birthday, 6 digits"

"if I can't enter the door, I'll have three cups of wine!"


in the eyes of lovers, Valentine's Day is never too much

the western romance in the past is not mentioned. This is not to mention the Lantern Festival, which has a romantic tradition

for the sake of the people I love

I decided to replace the old door lock at home in this happy Valentine's day

the reliable Asia Pacific Tianneng fingerprint lock

is my first choice

I hope it can be reliable, it can lock the door of my home safely

and lock the deep feelings of my lovers


Lantern Festival. Of course, there can't be only reunion and romantic

Carnival, It is the eternal theme of this festival

as the saying goes, "the sound of the Phoenix and the flute moves, the light of the jade pot turns, and the one night fish and dragon dance"

although it is difficult to see the Lantern Festival scenery described in the poetry nowadays

, this does not prevent us from feeling the lively "lantern" atmosphere on this day

on this holiday, Asia Pacific day can prepare a "lighting ceremony" for you and your relatives and friends

activity rules

share activities, link to your family and friends or circle of friends, and invite them to light up your lanterns. As long as a certain number of lanterns are lit, you can exchange corresponding prizes. First come, first served ~

activity link:

activity time

February 19 14:00-february 22

participation mode

1 Click on the link to participate in the activity

activity prize

first prize: five piece gift bag

need to be lit up: Asia Pacific gift delivery

(five piece set includes: small speaker + camera + wireless doorbell + wireless plug + door magnet)

second prize: cash red packet 88 yuan

need to be lit up: Asia Pacific gift delivery

third prize: Mall threshold free coupon 50 yuan

need to be lit up: Asia Pacific

activity instructions

1 The deduction coupons issued in this event can be used in Asia Pacific Tianneng tmall flagship store, flagship store and wechat mall. They are valid until December 31, 2019. Welcome to use

2. The cash red envelope can be redeemed directly after winning the prize, and the screenshot after redemption will be sent to the backstage of official account. Asia Pacific Tianneng will uniformly distribute the reward on February 25

3. After winning the prize in kind, please contact wechat customer service or fill in the receiving name, mobile phone number and address information on the prize cashing page. Asia Pacific Tianneng will announce the winners on February 25 and send them by parcel post within 10 days thereafter

4. All physical prizes are not discounted

5. The final interpretation right of this event belongs to Asia Pacific Tianneng official account

source: Asia Pacific Tianneng




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