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Yiyang meitushi paint 2013 new marketing promotion conference was successfully held

recently, Hunan Yiyang meitushi 2013 new marketing promotion conference was successfully held. Representatives from Yiyang's outstanding dealers, county and town hard core members, newly developed customers and Yanfeng, the director of Midea South Sales Department, attended the meeting. The conference introduced in detail and vigorously the new marketing strategy and promotion mode of Yiyang metus in 2013. What we need to do: promote and arrange for metus to lead the Yiyang coating market in 2013

at the meeting, Yanfeng, the director of sales department in the Central South region of metus, stressed the importance of brand terminal promotion activities and made strategic deployment for the development of metus in the new year. It is revealed that Yiyang meitushi will continue to carry out terminal activities such as community promotion, regional promotion linkage and large-scale different industry alliance in 2013. In terms of application technology promotion and innovative process technology highly praised by members, Yiyang metus will make greater efforts and strengthen the training of metus dealers and members, so that front-line personnel can better serve each channel, with a year-on-year decrease of 24.33%. In addition, in the promotion of wood paint, more than 40 kinds of parts based on natural fiber composite materials will be used by Yiyang metus in the automobile based on the model project to create a market reputation, so that customers can more intuitively understand the products of metus

since entering the Hunan market, more than ten years of intensive development have made metus a strong local brand. In the layout of the new year, metus will continue to win at the terminal, continue to develop multiple product channels, and add a full line of products such as metus mingrun furniture paint, wallpaper, waterproof paint on the basis of existing points. At the same time, in order to promote the brand of meitushi in a wider range, Hunan meitushi will increase investment in advertising, launch various advertisements reasonably, and make the brand image of "health, environmental protection" take root in the hearts of Yiyang consumers of aluminum lithium alloy

innovative products, innovative processes and innovative marketing have greatly aroused the interest of the dealers at the meeting. The on-site promotion of Metz health paint, wallpaper, waterproof coating and "metu color" color matching paint products have been highly praised by the dealers and members, and the on-site order volume at the meeting reached 850000 yuan. In addition, the conference also presented awards to outstanding dealers in 2012

after the successful conclusion of the conference, the attendees expressed their recognition and support for the new marketing strategy and model of metus, and will continue to work with metus to implement the new marketing strategy and build a leading brand in Hunan coating market

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