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The 2015 staff skill competition of the company was successfully concluded

the 2015 staff skill competition of the company was successfully concluded

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the 2015 staff skill competition of the company, which lasted six and a half months, was successfully concluded on October 23. This skill contest is divided into three types of work: fitter, machining center and CNC lathe worker. It is divided into four aspects: theoretical examination, software application examination, practical operation examination and defense examination. The young players from the front line are all dressed in uniform. They are ready to provide you with good service at any time. They are full of spirit and devote themselves to various competitions. After fierce competition, finally, Bruce Lee of the assembly department won the first place in the type of fitter, Cheng Shaojie won the second place, and Yan Lei won the third place; Haoxiaohu from the box processing Department won the first place in the type of work of the processing center, luoxiaojun won the second place and lihaisheng won the third place; Tanzhijun from the engineering machinery processing Department won the first place for CNC lathe work, Lu Bang won the second place, and Wang Jinguo from the engine gear processing Department won the third place

the accuracy of the experimental data of the staff skill contest is an important platform for the staff to compete for their superb skills, exchange skills and show their skills. It is also an important way for the company to cultivate various skilled talents and improve the quality of the staff. The company attached great importance to the skills competition and all departments gave strong support. The organization is serious and rigorous, the competition is tense and orderly, and the content is closer to the actual production. The judges scrupulously performed their duties in the competition, and each link reflected the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness. The majority of employees actively participated, showing a good spirit, showing a high level of competition, and showing the spirit of big tooth employees to study hard, improve themselves and dare to challenge

it is hoped that the winners will carry forward their achievements, sum up experience, find out deficiencies, continue to work hard, continuously improve their skills in their future work, and make their due contributions to the improvement of the brand, quality and efficiency of the company

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