The 2015 supplier conference of the company was gr

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Lishide's 2015 supplier conference was grandly held

lishide's 2015 supplier conference was grandly held

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Mr. sunxikui first delivered a welcome speech. In his speech, he pointed out that over the past 11 years, Rexroth has always adhered to the cooperation concept of integrity and win-win, met frankly and sought common development. It is hoped that cooperation will continue to be promoted in the new year. On March 19, "Work together with one heart and seek common development "The 2015 annual supplier conference of lishide Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. with the theme of" was grandly held in Shandong Changlin international hotel. Zhangyihua, chairman of Changlin group, Zhangdong, vice chairman and general manager of the company, sunxikui, vice president, mahongqiang, gaomingxi, zhangweiyin, Dai Zhuohao, zhangweibin, zhangjiandong, zhengshanjun, lizhaoliang and other leaders from 76 core suppliers from all over the country attended the conference for discussion and development Develop big plans and seek common benefits of cooperation

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sunxikui, chairman of the board of supervisors, made a speech

from then on, general manager Zhang Dong made a report to the meeting. This paper analyzes the market situation of construction machinery in recent two years, introduces the strategic planning of Changlin group, and focuses on the strategic planning of the company in 2015. The report points out that, through two bases ("high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection engineering machinery and hydraulic system base" and "high-end intelligent agricultural equipment and modern agricultural demonstration base"), Changlin group drives the overall strategic planning of one Park ("Changlin high-end equipment manufacturing Industrial Park"), integrates and improves the upstream and downstream industrial chains, and creates a Changlin high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park. He elaborated on the work priorities, goals and directions of Rexroth in 2015. He pointed out that from the perspective of market and customers, we should speed up the channel, brand and market development of energy-saving excavators, energy-saving loaders, port machinery, stackers and ultra wetland excavators. Finally, general manager Zhang Dong stressed that Rexroth is willing to face up to problems, solve problems, constantly meet customer needs, continue to improve and progress, work together, establish a closer partnership, and build a domestic first-class and world-famous construction machinery manufacturing enterprise

wangzhenhua, the head of Quality Department of Rexroth, made a presentation on quality management at the meeting, jixutao, the head of service department, introduced the company's service management, and Jihui, the head of R & D department, introduced the company's new product technology. Zhangweibin, deputy general manager of Rexroth, made the theme report "work together for development". In the report, he introduced the supply management mode and the transformation design of the overall idea of the organization adhering to the short board, strengthening the advantages and promoting the improvement, focusing on the implementation of the company's supplier management work in 2015

finally, zhangyihua, chairman of the company, delivered a speech. He pointed out that by strengthening management, technological innovation, structural adjustment and other means, while consolidating traditional products and market advantages, vigorously implement the development strategy of "relying on international cooperation, driven by scientific and technological innovation, and aiming at core technology breakthrough", and strive to build a high-end equipment manufacturing industry base with core technology and sustainable development. Especially in the high-end hydraulic system and high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection engineering machinery, after going through the "imitation innovation innovation innovation" stage, we have mastered the core technology and created disruptive technologies and products in the world, and successfully realized the technological innovation, transformation and upgrading from traditional industries to high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection industries. The R & D and production of "Shendiao" series high-efficiency, energy-saving and environment-friendly excavators are facing new favorable policies and market opportunities

chairman Zhang Yihua's speech

at the meeting, the "best cooperation supplier", "best contribution supplier" and "excellent supplier" of 2014 were awarded respectively. At the same time, general manager Zhang Dong signed strategic cooperation agreements with Xuzhou Yinlun Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhejiang suqiangge Hydraulic Co., Ltd., 716 Research Institute of China shipbuilding industry group and Cummins engine (Beijing) Co., Ltd

After the meeting, the suppliers said that the meeting was rich in content, novel in form and well-organized. By analyzing the market situation of construction machinery and introducing the strategic plan of Changlin group and the development plan of Rexroth, they strengthened their cooperation with Changlin group As a leading enterprise in the field of material science and technology, Rexroth has the determination and confidence to go through hardships and common development

"divine digging" performance

guests visit Changlin Industrial Park

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