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The 2013 annual general meeting of shareholders of Jingda Instrument Co., Ltd. was a complete success. The 2013 annual general meeting of shareholders, which attracted the attention of all employees, was held in Yuexi, Anhui Province on April 12, 2014. Nearly 100 people from shareholders, members of learning organizations and team backbones attended the meeting. According to the agenda, liangqiqing, chairman of the company, made the 2013 work report of the board of directors

the 2013 annual general meeting of shareholders, which attracted the attention of all employees, was held in Yuexi, Anhui Province on April 12, 2014. Nearly 100 shareholders, members of learning organizations and team backbones attended the meeting. According to the agenda, liangqiqing, chairman of the company, made the 2013 work report of the board of directors; Mr. Wang Feng, chairman of the board of supervisors of the company, made the 2013 work report of the board of supervisors; The general manager of the company, Mr. chengyunsheng, made a report on the work of the general manager to let the tensile testing machine perform tensile management on the standard tensile samples at the speed specified in gb/t228 (2) 002; Zouxingxing, Minister of the finance department, made the work report on the financial final accounts of 2013 and the financial budget of 2014; Zhao Qitang, the company's director and executive vice president, made a report on the 2013 profit distribution plan; Mr. Wang Yan, director of the company and general affairs department of human resources and education, presided over the meeting. After a show of hands, the meeting unanimously adopted all the agenda and was a complete success

chairman liangqiqing's report gives an objective and fair evaluation of the work of the board of directors in 2013 from four aspects; At the same time, we express our sincere thanks and high respect to the excellent employees who have worked hard for the cause of Jingda instrument! Regarding the work in 2014, he said:

first, strengthen sales management. At present, under the national regulation and control policy, the market competition is becoming increasingly cruel. We should constantly improve the innovative marketing model of the enterprise. In the enterprise, we should always adhere to the sales as the leading force. The board of directors will give the whole company the strength to do a good job in marketing. The relevant departments should also strengthen the supervision of the marketing system, and come up with some good systems and good methods to let our sales personnel, on the premise of completing their tasks, Reflect their value and increase their income

second, corporate governance structure. To establish and improve the corporate governance structure within the company, the board of directors and the management team should focus on each other. The focus of the work of the board of directors is to grasp the future development direction of the enterprise, supervise the important matters of the enterprise, supervise the risk prevention of the enterprise, ensure the construction of the enterprise's management team, select the management team, and do a good job in supervision, service and assessment of senior executives at the same time

third, improve the reward and punishment system. At present, special attention should be paid to actively attracting young elites to join Jingda, actively supporting their work and mobilizing their enthusiasm; The outstanding talents who have made great contributions can be given such treatments as promotion, promotion, domestic and foreign tourism investigation, equity reward and sale, etc; The distribution mode should be market-oriented, and the interests of excellent employees should be reflected. In May this year, the company will raise the wages of some excellent employees, so that the income of excellent employees can quickly reach the medium or above wage level of the same posts in Hefei

fourth, technology leadership and supporting base construction. In 2013, the company proposed industry leadership in the five major products and BLZ counter electronic meter. Therefore, this work will be an important battle and become the main melody of the work throughout the year; Secondly, the on-time delivery rate of products is a magic weapon for enterprises to gain a foothold in the market. We should rebuild the traditional production process of enterprises, establish a stable supporting base for enterprises, and operate under the sun

fifth, management innovation. Today's era is an era of innovation. The past management systems and methods need to be tested in the new era. We believe that we must use more scientific and effective management methods to practice, and run it in with an inclusive attitude. Don't be blaming for perfection. Only with better management innovation can our enterprise keep moving forward

October of this year is the expiration of the third board of directors and board of supervisors of the company. Relevant departments should do a good job in the general election. If you have any good suggestions or candidates, you can recommend them in advance

organizations at all levels of the enterprise (Party committee, trade union, Communist Youth League, women 1. here we choose the load of 2500n) should do a good job in mutual cooperation, support, restraint and supervision in promoting the healthy development of the enterprise. Enterprises should actively support their work, which is an indispensable and important force

at the meeting, the general manager, comrade chengyunsheng, made a report on the company's economic work in 2013 and the work outlook in 2014. He said: looking at the annual work of preferred packaging for new products in 2013, there is still a gap with the annual economic target proposed by the shareholders' meeting. First, the funds in transit are increasing; Second, the self-made output value is declining; Third, various management work has been relaxed, and these work will be changed in the new year. With regard to the work in 2014, he said that this year is the key year for our company to implement the principle that development is the last word. In the face of severe market competition, our only way out is to refine our products and strengthen our enterprise. Therefore, in 2014, the company will focus on "taking reform and innovation as the idea, focusing on external sales and internal management, realizing the high-quality strategy, and ensuring that the main economic indicators of the company enter the rising channel" as the main policy of this year's work

first, establish and improve the marketing working mechanism, further develop, improve and consolidate the market of national key projects such as military industry, nuclear power, coal chemical industry, PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC with innovative ideas, and expand and deepen the close cooperation with marine industry, nuclear power and military industry. Strive to make breakthroughs in large contracts and projects Aiming at the development of two wings (gas dispensers and closure products) and guided by the industrial policy support of the government, we will focus on accelerating the development of new energy products, comprehensively launch LNG projects, and strive to become users of powerful domestic enterprises such as PetroChina and Sinopec

second, the production and manufacturing departments should establish the market concept, take the market as the guide and spare no effort to protect the market; Provide strong support for sales and product research and development to improve the quality and technology of internal insurance products

thirdly, take technological progress as the core, standardization as the means, and "five plus one" products as the breakthrough, comprehensively improve the technical level and product reliability of refined products, truly implement the high-quality projects, and make refined products go global

fourth, take process control as the main line and the principles of reliability, simplicity, applicability and effectiveness to improve the quality management system, so as to truly control the product quality and achieve the restorative improvement of fine products

fifth, strengthen the management and optimization of basic work and further implement the system construction; We will further increase the target system assessment, adhere to a reasonable distribution model, and establish a link between income and indicators, work matching, work quality, work skills, and job satisfaction

sixth, adhere to the people-oriented principle, further realize the human resources restructuring plan, organically combine the introduction of talents with the cultivation of talents, and continuously optimize and improve the team management level according to the principle of "those who are capable are superior and those who are mediocre are inferior"

the meeting requires all shareholders and employees to follow the 16 character business policy of the enterprise "unite and forge ahead, strengthen management, precision casting, precision building, and re creating famous brands", work with one heart and one mind, make practical innovations, fully complete the policies and objectives put forward by the shareholders' meeting, and create brilliance for the future of precision instruments

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