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Yanxiang 2013 global core dealer conference was successfully held recently, Yanxiang 2013 global core dealer conference with the theme of jointly exploring and winning the future was successfully held in Shenzhen, where Yanxiang headquarters is located. This conference brought together 142 of Yanxiang's most core dealers in the world. Everyone gathered together to fully summarize, communicate and analyze the achievements made in the past 2013, We discussed the future development road together, and the atmosphere was harmonious and warm

as Yanxiang's most important market strategy, the dealer system has now established a sound echelon dealer network worldwide. With the strong advantages of Yanxiang EVOC brand, the dealer partners have made remarkable achievements in the past 2013. At the opening speech of the conference, Mr. liuzhiyong, general manager of Yanxiang intelligence, said that Yanxiang's dealer strategy can be traced back to ten years ago. With the change of market environment and competitive situation, In the past 10 years, the brand awareness of Yanxiang has leapt to the first brand in China. Restarting the dealer strategy is a must for Yanxiang. The internal policies, resources and human resources allocation of Yanxiang are obviously inclined to how to expand and strengthen the dealers. The current parallel direct sales team will gradually transition to assisting the dealers to provide technical support and make orders. The future road of Yanxiang dealers will be a sunny road covered with flowers

then Mr. SunYu, general manager of Yanxiang market, made a theme report of "four seas and one heart". In the report, Mr. Sun clearly elaborated on the specific plans of the future dealer strategy, including the key analysis from the perspective of products, customer resources and profit guarantee, which made the dealer partners who got the market more confident in the new year's market development, and expressed that they had such awesome policy support from Yanxiang, In the new year, great progress will be made. As an enterprise with a strong sense of corporate mission, Yanxiang encourages its internal employees to start their own businesses. In this dealer conference, Mr. Mei from Beijing was particularly eye-catching. As a front-line salesperson of Yanxiang, in just one year, the company has grown rapidly from the spring of the plastic industry: wood plastic composites entered a period of rapid development, becoming the fastest growing and most promising dealer of Yanxiang, And won the tomorrow Star Award

the conference also specially arranged product training. The principals from the embedded, automation, communication and environmental protection equipment product lines of Yanxiang, which means that the products are more low-carbon, came to the scene one after another to train the dealer partners in product knowledge and market development. The conference also took into account the confusion of the long-term dealer partners about talent training and echelon construction in the development of the enterprise, Ms. Yang Yi, a senior human resources expert, was specially invited to give a special training on how to do a good job in enterprise talent strategy. Changping Town, a partner of dealers, will benefit a lot from this sub station

this year marks the 20th anniversary of Yanxiang. In order to make the dealer partners fully understand the development history of Yanxiang in the past 20 years, the conference specially organized a visit to the exhibition hall of Yanxiang building and the new factory of Yanxiang - bright smart valley. Many dealers praised Yanxiang for starting from scratch, establishing EVOC brand independently, and becoming the leading enterprise in the special computer industry in Chinese Mainland, especially during the visit to Yanxiang smart valley, The dealers expressed their admiration for the new and magnificent modern plant group and the high cyclotron framework using the ultra light carbon fiber composite staff apartment. On the new production line, the dealers' partners were closely exposed to the standardized production and strict quality control process of Yanxiang products, and were full of confidence in Yanxiang's future market development

the past belongs to history, and the hope lies in the future. The successful convening of this dealer conference is not only a confirmation of the common progress in the past year, but also the beginning of writing a bright and beautiful future. We thank all dealer partners for their trust, support and tolerance to Yanxiang. The glory of the future belongs to our group of dream seeking partners

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