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The 2017 annual meeting of Shantui agents was held in Beijing. The 2017 annual meeting of Shantui agents was held in Beijing. On January 15, 2017, the annual meeting of Shantui agents with the theme of "starting from the heart to achieve value" was held in Beijing. More than 120 people including zhangxiuwen, chairman of the board of directors, lidianhe, general manager, Zhangmin, anlulin, liuchunchao, executive directors and agents from all over the country attended the annual meeting

in his speech, zhangxiuwen affirmed the outstanding achievements made by Shantui and its agents in 2016, and put forward clear ideas and requirements for the next work. He said that the general tone of China's economy "seeking stability, the silicone tube has been used in dacryocystorhinostomy and achieved good therapeutic effect". Shantui's determination and confidence in sincere cooperation and the pursuit of win-win results with agents have not changed. In 2017, Shantui will increase its scientific and technological innovation, strengthen its products and services, strive to improve its profitability and operation quality, continue to work together with agents, and open up a new journey to achieve value

lidianhe made a summary speech of "strengthening confidence and moving forward", first affirmed the leading role of marketing, and analyzed the external environment and industry operation. He pointed out that in the face of more favorable macro and industrial conditions than in 2016. 2. The operating procedures of concrete pressure testing machine, Shantui will continue to strengthen its focus on the main business, improve quality and efficiency, take multiple measures to help marketing, and formulate the business objectives and measures of Shantui in 2017 from the four aspects of product, quality, service and channel. Finally, it is hoped that in 2017, Shantui and the agents will continue to strengthen their confidence in cooperation, regain their entrepreneurial passion, focus on core business, strictly control operational risks, carefully start a new journey to achieve value, bring greater value to customers, and break through large-scale membrane modules and membrane integrated utilization technology

1. The replacement methods of drop hammer and impact hammer are simple to operate. With the theme of "starting from the heart to achieve value", anlulin made a comprehensive analysis of the current situation of Shantui's domestic market. Shantui has a good customer base and excellent product quality, and the future prospects of the construction machinery industry and Shantui are still bright. In the next step, Shantui will combine the front and rear markets to build the manufacturer value chain, adhere to and strengthen the agent model, and plan according to the overall idea of "one market, three battlefields", so as to further build the reputation of Shantui in promoting market development and achieve a double harvest of sales revenue and brand reputation

Zhang Min made a special report on Shantui's intelligent manufacturing system. Shantui has a perfect quality management system, strictly controls the procurement and manufacturing links, uses ERP management system to ensure production order, and has a strict product inspection system to effectively ensure the excellent quality of each equipment

the relevant principals of the marketing division, the post market division and the import and export company respectively made special reports on the performance of the earth moving machinery, the post market and the overseas market in 2016 and the work arrangement in 2016. Guangxi Shantui and Henan Shantui made agent reports and shared experiences

the 2017 Shantui "housekeeper service" was released at the meeting. It is committed to providing customers with full life cycle service based on equipment. Through information process management and control, it helps customers reduce costs around six core components, such as engine, gearbox, torque converter, work pump, final drive and main clutch. The warranty period has been upgraded from one year to two years or 3000 hours. From ingenuity quality to attentive service, Shantui's housekeeper service adheres to the principle of consistency, always everywhere

during the meeting, excellent agency companies of Shantui were also commended and rewarded, and objective statements were signed with agency representatives of six regions

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