The 2014 dealer conference and new product release

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Hongge technology's 2014 dealer conference and new product release came to a successful conclusion

with the successful conclusion of the Hongge technology dealer conference held in Wuhan, the latest products of Hongge technology have also surfaced one by one, and even one paper is hard to be officially unveiled

actc R & D center is China Hengrui and Germany Fraunhofer Chemical Technology Research Institute jointly promote the range production of composite products

according to the different needs of various industries at present, Hongge launched a number of new products that can be applied in different industries at this dealer conference. Here we will introduce them one by one: first, the most eye-catching star product in this event: xp-9000, Regular customers can find the shadow of xp-8000 on it at first sight. It is a new industrial specification product with metal shell, high-speed processor and wince6.0 operating platform. It is mainly to facilitate customers to use it in special occasions, especially in the rail industry, petrochemical industry and heavy industry; In addition, because of its all metal shell image, it can be divided into manual control and microcomputer servo control experimental machines; The industrial plastic shell products classified according to the position of the oil cylinder are very different from those previously developed by Hongge in terms of appearance and texture, which will make the users who used Hongge products refreshing

in addition, there is another highlight product that Hongge technology has launched a series of large screen touch screen products for the needs of industrial monitoring, ranging from the smallest handheld 5.7, 7, 10, 12, 15, 17 inches. At the same time, the front of some products can be said to have reached the water discharge level of IP65, which is a multifaceted choice for many harsh on-site environments at present

at present, many industries need rapid sampling of data and information. Hongge technology has launched three high-speed sampling cards according to different sampling rates. One of them, pcie-813, has a maximum sampling rate of 1 ms/s, which is also rare among products in the same industry, making it convenient for customers in different industries to choose

at the same time, according to the fact that there are many cases or equipment that need to be reconstructed in situ, which will cause many difficulties in wiring. On the one hand, Hongge, for the customer's sake, has introduced the use of wireless WiFi i/o to facilitate the customer's transformation of the original equipment. In addition, some products for building automation include Dali, DDC air conditioning controller, carbon dioxide sensor, and some energy management equipment, including pmc-5151 and pm-31xx series products

through years of efforts, Hongge technology hopes to be committed to the actual application needs of customers and create better and more suitable products for the majority of users

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