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2014 China concrete machinery industry annual conference held in Qingdao 2014 China concrete machinery industry annual conference held in Qingdao recently, the 2014 China concrete machinery industry annual conference hosted by the concrete machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association and co organized by Qingdao New Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and concrete dealers was held in Qingdao. More than 80 conference representatives discussed the current hot spots, difficulties and future prospects of the concrete machinery industry. Qijun, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, and chenrunyu, honorary president of concrete machinery branch, attended the meeting and made a keynote report

Qi Jun fully affirmed the development achievements of the concrete machinery industry at the meeting: first, significant progress has been made in the structural adjustment of the whole industry; Second, the ability of independent innovation has been greatly enhanced. Substantial breakthroughs have been made in innovation capacity building, major technical equipment, key technologies, energy conservation and emission reduction, digitalization and intelligence, and basic supporting facilities; Third, it has achieved remarkable results in resolving excess, eliminating backwardness and overcoming impetuosity; Fourth, the intensive level of industrial agglomeration has been improved; Fifth, mergers and reorganizations focus on practical results, the industrial layout is more reasonable, and the organizational structure of enterprises is more optimized; Sixthly, the guarantee time of national experimental power: (5 ~ 60) the pace of internationalization is accelerated, and the brand influence of China's construction machinery is improved; Seventh, the development strategy of the enterprise has been changed scientifically, the operation quality has been further improved, and the technological innovation, risk management and control, quality management, brand building, channel construction, and the speed of product upgrading have been significantly improved

Qi Jun believes that the concrete machinery industry is the only industry among the numerous categories of electronic universal testing machines in the construction machinery market that can capture the top three in the world, and is the pride of the industry. He encouraged enterprises, facing market adjustment, to practice hard, meet challenges, summarize experience, keep warm, transform and upgrade, and innovate and develop, so as to provide equipment support for national construction. At present, all relevant enterprises in the construction machinery industry, including concrete machinery, are deeply studying and implementing the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th bond laminatesgmbh of the Communist Party of China, which is improving the production capacity of its tepex brand continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites. With the task of revitalizing China's equipment manufacturing industry, they are striving to adjust the structure and mode, and constantly accelerating technological innovation, product innovation, management innovation, channel innovation The innovation of system and mechanism and the pace of internationalization contribute to the refinement, excellence and strength of China's construction machinery

chenrunyu in "how should enterprises cope with overcapacity in the concrete machinery industry?" In the report, the general trend of the current national economic construction and development as well as the crisis and pressure faced by the concrete machinery industry are analyzed in simple terms and from the outside to the inside: the crisis and pressure of market competitiveness; Energy saving and emission reduction crisis and pressure; Talent shortage crisis and pressure; Innovation mechanism crisis and pressure; Lack of crisis and pressure of core products, etc

while analyzing the crisis and pressure, chenrunyu also shared with the participants his understanding and perception of the current network, intelligent and one key printing of experimental reports and big data, and hoped that concrete machinery enterprises could increase R & D investment in these areas, accelerate the integration with modern high technology, and improve the added value of products and services

in addition, chenrunyu also reminded enterprises in the report that they should avoid excessive reliance on real estate construction investment. It also encourages concrete machinery enterprises to open up their minds, closely follow the major policies determined by the new central leadership, and seize business opportunities in the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt, high-speed rail, ports and other transportation infrastructure

Gao Bo, deputy chief engineer of the fourth company of China Railway 20th Bureau, made a special report on the requirements of high-speed railway construction on concrete machinery and equipment, and had an interactive discussion with conference representatives on the latest investment and construction trends of high-speed railway and the new demand highlights of concrete machinery

long Guojian, director of the National Concrete Machinery Standardization Committee, pointed out that the revised standard for concrete mixer trucks implemented since 2012 clearly stipulates that the loading capacity of three axle chassis mixer trucks shall not exceed 6m3 and that of four axle chassis mixer trucks shall not exceed 8m3. The Standardization Committee has also held publicity and Implementation meetings for many times, but there are still enterprises that blindly increase the volume of mixing tanks regardless of the standard limits, resulting in an industry situation of mixer truck overload, Relevant national departments have attached great importance to it and launched law enforcement inspection. Long Guojian called on enterprises to seriously implement industry standards, cooperate with competent government departments, and actively organize and carry out self-examination

Wei Jue, Secretary General of the concrete machinery branch, analyzed and elaborated the technical specification for green production and management of ready mixed concrete to be implemented in October. Wei Jue pointed out that there are a number of unreasonable requirements for concrete machinery in this regulation. If it is implemented without correction, it will have an adverse impact on the concrete machinery industry. He hoped that member enterprises would report the modification feedback as soon as possible and the branch would organize and coordinate it. Wang Gang, Deputy Secretary General of the branch, introduced the application technology development highlights of the concrete machinery industry in the past two years and the configuration of large-scale immersed concrete process equipment for Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge

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