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Qingdao heavy industry strengthens training to improve production site management level

Qingdao heavy industry strengthens training to improve production site management water. The grating sensor has the advantages of easy digitization, high precision (the highest resolution can reach the nanometer level at present), strong anti-interference ability, no artificial reading error, convenient installation, reliable use, etc.

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recently, Qingdao heavy industry took advantage of the relatively low season of orders to sort out and rectify the low-cost production site of domestic experimental machines according to the requirements of the company's quality improvement q14 activities, effectively improving the level of on-site management

the vehicle Department of Qingdao Heavy Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. conducted internal self-examination and rectification activities according to its actual situation and the standards of q14 activities. 1. The technology and quality department will organize all employees to receive training and explain in detail the precautions and operation requirements of each process. 2. Various safety operation procedures have been improved, the evaluation activities of "safety qualified teams" have been carried out, and the daily inspection of special equipment has been strengthened. 3. Strengthen daily supervision and inspection on the site, score each team, and the scoring results are linked to the working hours. 4. According to the fixed position drawing of the workshop, the workpieces and equipment were stored in a fixed position, the site environment was clean and standardized, the fire-fighting equipment in the workshop was safe and reliable, and the files and protective measures of personnel with occupational hazards were improved

in combination with the company's q14 quality improvement activities, Qingdao heavy industry construction vehicle department also actively carried out various work to sort out and rectify the production site of the workshop, and combined with the process requirements of production and assembly of late mixing car finish to avoid quality problems, adjusted the layout of the production site, added corresponding working station tools, and ensured the reasonable layout and orderly placement of workpieces with reasonable process means

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