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Qingdao advertising equipment and consumables exhibition and packaging and printing technology equipment exhibition closed successfully

this exhibition brings together many well-known enterprises in the advertising and printing industry and their high-tech equipment, materials and products. For example, as an important gathering place of China's new material industry, Ningbo and Qingdao zita, such as Dongfang softo, Beijing Sanyi, and Keyi digital, are convenient to use. Xinghe Hengye, Wanghai digital, and Zhongsheng United have all brought a new generation of inkjet machines and photo machines to compete with each other in the same game; Liaoning Guanhua, Shanghai Dragen, hengdebao, Dongguan Zhongge, Qingdao Huichuan, Ruian and Yutian enterprises showed efficient printing, sticker and peritoneal equipment; The paper separators of Qingdao fuyingkang, Shengtian and other enterprises also attracted wide attention of the audience. Statistics show that more than 7000 visitors from home and abroad came to the exhibition, and more than 70% of the visitors came from Qingdao and other cities in Shandong. 80% of the products in this exhibition have been sold. And the satisfaction survey of exhibitors and professional visitors reached more than 94%

it was learned from the organizing committee that Qingdao advertising printing equipment exhibition has been established in Qingdao for many years, and is held in spring and autumn every year. With the unique market advantages of Shandong and the unique planning of the organizing committee, we have laid a deep customer base. The 4th Qilu advertising equipment and consumables exhibition and the 6th Qingdao packaging and printing technology equipment exhibition in 2009 are scheduled to be held during the Qingdao Beer Festival from August 13 to 15. The exhibition will exceed 20000 square meters and open more than 500 standard booths with an average riding frequency of more than 3 times per shared bicycle

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