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Qimei still does not consider reducing the prices of ABS and ps

although the spot price of SM in the Far East has recently reached a new low this year, Qimei, a major ABS and PS manufacturer in Taiwan Province, has not considered reducing the prices of ABS and PS even if the above factors are taken into account. Qimei said that due to the great pressure of the depreciation of the new Taiwan dollar, the depreciation of the new Taiwan dollar has relatively increased the purchasing cost of Qimei. After examining the depreciation of the new Taiwan dollar and the downward trend of SM, The prices of products in July will not be adjusted. Qimei is a large international manufacturer of ABS and PS. it needs to buy up to 800000 tons of SM raw materials every year, which makes SM raw materials go. Then it will not be able to obtain accurate experimental data, which often affects the trend of ABS and PS. this year, due to the market downturn, downstream customers' demand for petrochemical raw materials is weak, and petrochemical raw materials in the Far East have been facing the pressure of price reduction under the imbalance between supply and demand

whether in the United States or the Far East, the spot price of SM has a new low price of about $460 per ton, which puts downward adjustment pressure on the prices of ABS and PS. however, according to Qimei, since SM purchases are priced in dollars, the recent depreciation of the new Taiwan dollar has increased the purchase cost of ABS and PS plants. Once the downward pressure of the new Taiwan dollar continues, Qimei has to consider the future purchase cost pressure, so it will not consider adjusting the product price for the time being. In addition, the international oil price has remained high, which has limited the decline in the cost of basic petrochemical raw materials such as ethylene and benzene. In terms of SM $460 per ton, SM manufacturers have no profit. Qimei believes that taking beverage bottles as an example, the low price of SM is not normal, and it is also one of the factors that Qimei tends not to adjust the price of ABS and PS

according to the raw material sales price published by Qimei, PS is 670 US dollars per ton, and domestic sales is 26 yuan per kilogram (2 weight is 1333 kg, 4 yuan is the discount price); The export sales of ABS are US dollars per ton and the domestic sales are RMB per kilogram

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