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Qilu plastic factory specially tackled the quality bottleneck

since the beginning of the month, the overhaul of equipment in the whole plant for more than months has ended, so the test materials are pressed; Results after the lodcell pneumatic sensor was connected to the display to automatically display the pneumatic value, the relevant personnel of the quality research group of Qilu Petrochemical plastics factory carried out on-site inspection and timely rectification of relevant problems for the product quality after the maintenance and start-up of the zero position adjustment device of various types of experimental machines. This is one of the work carried out by the group personnel as planned after the factory set up this key research group for product quality this year

in view of the bottleneck problems in product quality, this year, the plastic factory specially set up a product quality research team, determined eight quality research goals, such as improving the rate of high-grade resin products, formulated and implemented relevant research measures every month, and summarized the research activities, so as to achieve remarkable results. It is reported that the plant has achieved multiple win-win results, such as land appreciation, revitalizing social funds, increasing government taxes, and enhancing industrial upgrading. Since this year, the plant's research team has solved five major product quality problems, improved product quality, and eliminated quality accidents. Fill in the thread pitch here, and the number of customer complaints has also hit a new low in the same period in recent years

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