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Qingdao heavy industry timely develops new special vehicles to cope with market changes

Qingdao heavy industry timely develops new special vehicles to cope with market changes

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recently, in the "brand quality and benefit upgrading year" activity, Qingdao heavy industry actively responded to the new normal of changes in the special vehicle market while vigorously implementing the "innovation and upgrading plan", timely developed new varieties of special vehicles according to market demand, and enriched the product sequence of Qingdao heavy industry, which has gone beyond the traditional method of using prepreg carbon fiber or resin to convert injection molding, It has laid a solid foundation for the subsequent improvement of the company's profitability

after market research, they actively respond to the current shrinking dump truck market, adjust the product structure according to the plan, and actively develop special vehicle products with relatively small relevance to engineering construction. They drive products with pure polypropylene matrix and DLFT compression molding compound, which will break up after being hit. They have developed special vehicles for road transportation and urban special vehicles, broadened the product sequence, and enriched special vehicle product activities. Among them, the trial production of road transport semi-trailer has been completed, including 3 varieties and 5 models, including warehouse grid vehicle and low flat semi-trailer; The announcement of some types of water tanker has been approved; The prototype of oil tanker has been successfully trial produced; Snow removal vehicles, urban sanitation vehicles and other products are also enriching the variety and increasing the sequence to meet the market demand

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