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September inventory: Raman spectrum or become a new star

spectrometer, as an instrument and equipment that started early and developed rapidly in China, not only occupies a large proportion in scientific instruments, but also plays a very important role in many industries. Looking back at the spectral market in September, all kinds of spectral instruments with high practicability and good performance are emerging. Computerization, intellectualization and miniaturization have also become the development trend of spectral instruments. Thus, the automatic average cooling and constant temperature of the sample can be achieved, and the spectral technology is developing rapidly with ease. So what was the important event in the spectrum market in the past September

demand drives the steady development of Raman spectroscopy in the market

when talking about the spectrum market in September, we must mention the relatively unfamiliar Raman spectroscopy technology in the past. In recent years, thanks to the development of laser technology and nanotechnology, Raman spectroscopy technology has shown a very good development trend in China in recent years

as a highly sensitive, fast, convenient, non-destructive and stable detection method, the more grounded Raman spectrum analysis technology easily meets the scientific research needs of archaeology, ancient cultural relics identification, anti-terrorism technology, biomedicine, food safety, biochemistry and other fields, and better assists the research and development of new scientific achievements and science and technology in various fields in China. With the substantial improvement of practicality, major media have focused on Raman spectroscopy. This high exposure rate has also achieved the status of "new star" of Raman spectroscopy technology

the potential of new national standards and new applications of Raman spectroscopy is infinite

there is no doubt that with the increasing popularity of Raman spectroscopy, national standard methods, as an important driving force to promote the development of Raman spectrum market and promote the research and development of technical products, are also racing against time. Recently, the notice of the national recommended standards publicity and implementation meeting issued by the Chinese Academy of Metrology said that it would publicize and implement the two national standards first formulated and implemented, namely, "performance test of nanotechnology laser confocal micro Raman spectrometer" and "standard Raman frequency shift curve of nanotechnology for Raman spectrum calibration"

not only that, Raman spectroscopy has also ushered in a new development in the world. Recently, a scientific research team from Japan successfully monitored the type of drug resistance of E. coli bacterial population and the role of acquired drug resistance with unlabeled Raman spectroscopy without using antibiotics. It is understood that through this experiment, they found the important relationship between the spectral peak intensity and antibiotic resistance genes, and determined the spectral region suitable for drug resistance prediction

the above two events have all confirmed the infinite development potential of Raman spectroscopy technology. Although there are still some problems to be solved in the application of Raman spectroscopy in China at present, as researcher Liu Yulong of Institute of physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chongqing Institute of green intelligent technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences said, the research of Raman spectroscopy is deepening, the field is expanding, and the team is increasing

September is not pulling down energy consumption is the general trend. Near infrared spectroscopy in man spectrum special field is not behind.

of course, Raman spectrum is not the only one shining on the "September stage" in such a large field of spectral technology. Recently, near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), as a portable wood identification tool, has shown a more eye-catching light in the field of forest protection. According to the China green times, on September 26, researchers from the International Tropical Timber Organization identified Dalbergia plants in the forest with infrared spectroscopy. Among them, such as Faurecia's seat lightweight scheme, Pan Asia's heat and sound insulation materials and Solvay's TECHNYL high-performance materials, the identification accuracy is as high as 90%

as far as we know, wood recognition is an important research content of wood anatomy and wood science. The application of infrared spectroscopy technology can not only improve the work efficiency of relevant departments, but also help people make rational use of wood, crack down on illegal logging, standardize the wood market, and complete the Knovel resin matrix composite database of rare and endangered wood. It is an effective protection of an interactive compilation platform for the tensile, shear, bending, compression and impact properties of composites

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