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Serving the world, XCMG Nepal's new 4S store opened grandly

serve the world, and XCMG Nepal's new 4S store is grandly opened

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Nepal, known as "Switzerland in Asia", is a world-famous "mountaineering resort". No matter from that perspective, it is accompanied by magnificent and cold snow mountains. Walking in Kathmandu, you can not only see that the gods enshrined in the temple have been deeply rooted in the local people's lives, but also realize that this is a dynamic and changing city, that is, it is an internal friction City generated in the fluid, which deeply captures people's hearts

recently, buildcon, the largest international construction machinery and building materials exhibition in Nepal, opened in Kathmandu, the capital. During the three-day exhibition, XCMG group displayed graders, tire rollers, single steel wheel rollers, combined rollers, loaders and other products and equipment in a venue of more than 400 square meters. With the brand popularity of China's first and the world's fifth, and the brand reputation of the local market, XCMG booth attracted an endless stream of merchants to inquire and purchase

an endless stream of customers came to XCMG exhibition area for consultation and negotiation

at the same time, XCMG Nepal's new 4S store was grandly opened, and Liu Jiansen, assistant to the president of XCMG machinery and general manager of the import and export company's production department, cut the ribbon for the new store together with the chairman of IDMC

general manager Liu Jiansen and chairman of IDMC cut the ribbon for the 4S store

then general manager Liu Jiansen delivered a speech, explaining the vision of XCMG group to become a world-class enterprise with global trust and unique value creativity, as well as a series of core values such as taking on great responsibilities, walking roads and becoming a big enterprise, and answering the questions and questions raised by customers one by one

Liu Jiansen's speech

on that night, a customer meeting was held in Kathmandu. A total of more than 200 people, including the Minister of industry of Nepal, the Secretary of the economic participation Secretariat of the Chinese Embassy in Nepal and major customers, were invited to attend. At the meeting, Liu Jiansen showed everyone XCMG's products and XCMG's global layout, and answered the questions and questions raised by customers one by one

group photo

Nepal is rich in natural resources and has been a friendly and good neighbor of China since ancient times. As one of the countries along the "the Belt and Road" that attach importance to the provisions of the measurement Law, the opening of XCMG Nepal's new 4S store will greatly promote XCMG's business expansion in this market, deliver more high-quality products and provide more considerate services to local customers

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