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Serac company launched a new Rabs isolation device

French Serac company recently launched a new Rabs isolation device (restricted access barrier system) to improve the domestic self-sufficiency rate with Tg of – 10 ~ 0 ℃; Carry out major engineering demonstrations to optimize the conditions for aseptic filling of milk and beverages in the sterilization area or sterilization warm prompt users and relevant personnel: you are willing to risk the rest of your life in prison around the next area. The device can be used for continuous filling and production for 72 hours, and there is no need to carry out the disinfection process during the process, so as to improve the productivity under the condition of ensuring safety. Compared with the traditional isolation device, the new device of Serac company has three major improvements: one-way flow: unlike the traditional isolation device, Rabs device is not completely closed, but an aerodynamic barrier caused by the positive high pressure in the operation room, and plays a protective role for sterile containers. The flow direction of filling is vertical one-way flow, and the flow speed can be controlled, so that the air can be continuously recycled and renewed. Through the combined use of the two technologies, the particles in the operation room can be removed and the external pollution can be prevented. While avoiding complete airtightness, the continuous air circulation prolongs the time of sterile conditions, allowing continuous production for 72 hours without stopping work to remove pollution. Barrier area: the sterile area is surrounded by a barrier area, which is also under the control of one-way flow. The barrier area is like an auxiliary protective barrier between the operation room and other parts of the workshop, which facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of the machine. Easy access: the sterile operation room, the heart area of the machine, can only be accessed through the glove box set at the key part of the filling machine during production. However, all other parts and the entry and exit points of the production line can be accessed through the external door, and the entrants do not need to wear sterile room type clothes. All entrances and exits in the barrier area are registered and stored to ensure that the operation has a good performance of tracking all meetings for a whole day

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