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Service flexibility has become a new competitive point in the instrument industry

with the development of aerospace products, information electronics, materials, electricians and other industries, as well as the demand for various environmental tests, environmental test instruments have ushered in a huge space for development. At present, the companies and enterprises that produce test environment instruments are all over the country, producing hundreds of specifications, models and series of products. Some test machines and test boxes have been exported abroad, exported to Asia and European and American markets, and have certain competitiveness

however, China's test instrument industry is still highly competitive, which is the main factor restraining the development of the market. Competition is more reflected in the price of products. Taking the process of transportation as an example, the common sheet metal damage in Dongguan of China's test box production belt, the mutual pressure between peers not only reduces the profit space, leads to vicious competition in the market, but also restricts the product innovation of enterprises, The convergence of products has become a major disadvantage of enterprise development. This situation not only puts forward new product requirements for environmental test instrument manufacturers, but also puts forward the requirements of installation and commissioning of their products, and also puts forward the requirements of follow-up service innovation

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