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Serial device connected server embedded module (nc20e)

serial device connected server embedded module is a board that allows equipment manufacturers to integrate into the product. It supports TTL, 232 interface and 10M Ethernet interface, so that the device data can be transmitted on the network and used in experiments. Support tcp/ip/udp protocol. The connection network of low-end serial port equipment has become a trend. However, for manufacturers of defense and military equipment to be widely used, the research and development of network technology requires a lot of human, material and financial resources. Low end serial port devices (such as LED screens, card readers, and smart meters) have serial ports themselves. By using serial port devices and server embedded modules, serial port data can be immediately transmitted through tcp/ip networks


· a 10Base-T Ethernet interface

· support RS232 and TTL interfaces

· 5V DC power supply

· smaller than a business card, convenient for integration, and can immediately convert serial port equipment into network equipment

· RS232 serial port rate can reach 460800bps at most

· support udp/tcp protocol

· support related issues such as tax increase and college student employment "support UDP, tcpserver, tcpclient, transparent transmission of equipment Set equal modes

· set communication parameters through the dial switch


· solution for rapid connection of low-end serial port equipment

· serial port equipment can be immediately converted to network equipment

· save development costs

· easy integration

with the improvement of technology, there is no need to change the internal operation of serial port equipment

· maintenance and management through the network


· power monitoring system


· LED screen control

·Connection of POS machine

· building automation control

· parking lot equipment connection control

· traffic connection control

· PLC control and management


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