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On March 12, 2015, Shanxi Universiade Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Zheng Rong Industry held a signing ceremony in Huadu, Guangzhou for the sales agency of heavy trucks in the Cambodian market Yang Hai, President of the Cambodian International Chamber of Commerce, and all guests attended the event

it is understood that in the past 2014, the competition in the domestic heavy truck industry was very resolved: powertest3.0 software needs to back up powertestd00c under the software installation path exe、Sansmachine. mdb、usbdll. dll、writenum. dll、HardPara. The data files in the mdb file and data folder are fierce, and the market environment is quite depressed. When the cumulative sales volume of the heavy truck industry fell by 0.93% in the same period of the month, the sales of Dayun heavy truck increased by 30.51%. At the same time, Universiade heavy truck has actively explored overseas markets and achieved good results. The signing ceremony of heavy truck sales agents in Cambodia also means that at the beginning of the new year, Universiade heavy truck has taken another solid step in expanding its overseas market

Mr. yuanqinshan, chairman of Universiade group, delivered a welcome speech at the signing ceremony of the heavy truck sales agent with lightweight management in the Cambodian market. Mr. Jiang Yuxiang, general manager of Dayun Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., signed a formal contract with Mr. Zeng Xiangchun, chairman of Zheng Rong Industry. At the same time, Yang Hai, President of the Cambodian International Chamber of Commerce, the Cambodian Consul General in Guangdong, the director of the international market development agency of the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce and major general of the Cambodian Ministry of defense, who attended the event, also jointly visited the big bag motorcycle factory located in Huadu, Guangzhou

zheng Rong Industry is mainly engaged in steel business in Cambodia. When talking about entering the Cambodian truck market, chairman Zeng Xiangchun said that the Cambodian truck market is developing rapidly, and at present, many of the truck market in Cambodia are Japanese used cars, which are very old, and some of them are even 1970s models. With the development of Cambodia, projects such as docks, airports, and mineral development and construction will be carried out, all of which require trucks. However, the existing vehicles are far from meeting the pace of Cambodia's development, and the demand of the truck market is very large. The reason why he chose Dayun heavy truck in the Cambodian market is not only his trust in the quality of Dayun truck, but also his confidence in the Cambodian market because of the policy of giving priority to the after-sales service of Dayun heavy truck accessories

Mr. yuanqinshan, chairman of Universiade group, said that Universiade truck is still a recruit in domestic truck enterprises, but it is developing rapidly. He is confident about the performance of Universiade heavy trucks in overseas markets. It is understood that Universiade heavy trucks sold 500 units overseas last year and 1000 units last year. This year, Universiade plans to double its sales in the overseas market. At the same time, once the scale becomes larger, it will also follow the construction of overseas factories

as for the development plan of overseas market of Dayun heavy truck, chairman yuanqinshan said that in addition to quality and price competition, long-term service is more necessary. Dayun heavy truck adopts the strategy of building terminal product market in the market with accessories first and service first. Although it requires high cost investment in the early stage, only service takes the lead can ensure the long-term development of Dayun heavy truck in the overseas market

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