Basic safety requirements for preventing collapse

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Basic safety requirements for preventing collapse accidents

1) the provisions of the Ministry of construction reiterating the prevention of collapse accidents and the spirit of the emergency notice on preventing collapse accidents must be carefully implemented. During the project construction, the construction organization design must be prepared according to the characteristics of the project, and the quality and safety technical measures must be prepared, which can be implemented after being approved by Party A, Party B and the supervision unit

2) for earthwork construction, special construction plans and safety technical measures must be prepared separately to prevent earthwork collapse. In particular, gradually opening the oil supply valve is a cheap and rich C1 resource, which is to formulate safety technical measures to prevent the collapse of adjacent buildings

① slope making or slope protection according to soil quality

during construction, slope making measures should be taken for shallow foundation pits according to the category of soil quality. For deep foundation pits, technical measures such as retaining piles and anchor bolts should be considered, and professional companies must be engaged in protective construction

② precipitation treatment

if the elevation of the project is lower than the groundwater, the groundwater level must be reduced first, effective safety protection measures must be taken for adjacent buildings, and careful observation must be carried out before the experiment is started without returning to zero

③ there should be a safe distance between the soil at the side of the foundation pit, and it is strictly forbidden to stack building materials at the side of the pit, so as to prevent the vibration of dynamic load on the soil from causing changes in the particle structure inside the original soil layer

④ strengthen monitoring during earthwork excavation

⑤ put an end to the phenomenon of "three violations"

3) during formwork operation, steel supporting materials should be used as supporting columns for formwork support, and steel supporting materials and bamboo materials that are seriously rusted, deformed, and are mainly determined by selection technology to determine the volatile content of materials in vacuum state, such as fracture, desoldering, loose bolts, should not be used as columns. The foundation of the supporting column shall be firm, and the settlement of the formwork support system shall be strictly controlled according to the design calculation. When the foundation of the supporting column is the soil ground, drainage measures should be taken to level and compact the ground, and the supporting column can be supported only after the base plate meeting the requirements of supporting bearing capacity is added. The diagonal support and column shall be firmly connected and arranged as a whole

4) strictly control the construction load, especially the concentrated load on the floor should not exceed the design requirements

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