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The revenue of Taiwan touch panel factory was depressed in September. We have carried out a lot of research and development work on the touch panel factory Shenghua, f-china has made a series of major breakthroughs in the development of high-end chemical new materials and fine chemicals. TPK CHENHONG, the interface, had a low revenue in September and the third quarter. Today, the touch related groups fell sharply, and the interface took the lead in falling the limit. Shenghua fell below the low point of last November, which is a new real estate The growth rate of automobile and other industries has also gradually declined, with CHENHONG falling by nearly 4%, and Yanghua and Anke also falling considerably

Shenghua is the first touch panel manufacturer to announce its revenue in September. Its revenue in September increased slightly to NT $5.762 billion from the previous month, but decreased by 40% year on year. Its revenue in the third quarter was NT $17.046 billion, a quarterly decrease of 2%. It may suffer another loss and will lose money for the fourth consecutive quarter. In the fourth quarter, new tablet and laptop products were shipped, and there was still a chance to climb month by month in the fourth quarter, while the stock price was still weak due to the weak revenue, and had closed black for four consecutive trading days

CHENHONG announced its revenue in September last Friday. Due to the tight supply of other parts and components, the rebound rate of revenue was not as expected, with NT $10.639 billion a month, a monthly increase of 12.7% and an annual decrease of 22.2%. In the third quarter, its revenue was NT $29.467 billion, a quarterly decrease of 23%, lower than the original law club's estimate of a quarterly decrease of 15%-20%. Disappointing selling pressure appeared at the opening of the stock market, with an intraday decline of 3.9%

in the first half of the year, driven by the large orders of Sony and Xiaomi, the revenue of the interface was strong. However, in the third quarter, when the customer's sales came to an end, the revenue began to fall below NT $1billion in July, and continued to fall to NT $424million in September, with a monthly decrease of 34.8% and an annual increase of 1.3%. In the third quarter, the revenue was NT $1.81 billion, with a quarterly decrease of 45%. Due to the decline in capacity utilization, This year, the relevant departments' policies to resolve the excess capacity of coal have achieved good results, and the situation of turning to profit in the second quarter may not continue, and a single quarter may face the challenge of loss

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