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The serial port optical cat converts the 485 interface of the rice vending machine into an optical fiber interface for data communication

the rice vending system has quickly replaced the canteen settlement methods such as meal tickets because of its clean and sanitary, convenient settlement and other advantages, and has been widely used. Because the rice vending system uses magnetic cards, radio frequency cards and other cards as the settlement and payment method, it avoids the use of the universal experimental machine to puncture the universal experimental machine to meet the parameters: meal tickets, During the use of coins, there are shortcomings such as cross infection of bacteria, private interception by canteen staff, loss and forgery, etc. the unified management of the system can make the logistics management electronic, and reducing this friction also belongs to physical friction; Reduce management personnel and reduce management costs

the rice selling system consists of three parts: consumer machine, communication network and management host. Because a rice selling system must have multiple consumer computers running at the same time, that is, when a management host manages multiple consumer computers, the communication mode is based on the communication mode of one master and many slaves. 485 bus has become the standard communication network of rice selling system because it supports the communication mode of one master and many slaves, with simple wiring and relatively low cost. Most rice selling systems are equipped with RS-485 interface. The communication distance of 485 bus is 1200 meters, which is completely sufficient for a single canteen, but it is insufficient for the management of multiple canteens on some large campuses

a university carried out the transformation of the canteen, eliminated the original meal tickets and replaced them with the management system of selling vibration and wear-resistant experimental machines. An engineering contractor took over the project. When doing the engineering design, he found that there was a serious problem. Due to the huge area of the University and the large number of students, there were five student canteens in the University, which were distributed in different areas of the University and were far away from each other, It is troublesome to connect all the canteens with 485 lines and connect them to the school finance office for unified management. At first, the construction party plans to use the combination of 485 repeaters and 485 hubs to solve the problem of communication distance. Later, after budgeting, it is found that the cost is huge, and the construction cost of laying wires and lines is large. In the communication with the school, it was found that since the school built the campus, the optical fiber was laid to all corners of the campus, and the optical fiber was used as the backbone for communication. The serial port optical cat of Shenzhen Dingxin Hongda Technology Co., Ltd. was used to convert the 485 interface into an optical fiber interface, which was connected to the optical fiber network of the School Park, and the data communication was carried out through the optical fiber network, which greatly saved the construction cost

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