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Service is competitiveness

the era of service competition is coming

with the arrival of the service-oriented era, service has become a card that all it manufacturers have to play. An analysis by CCID Consulting shows that the growth rate of China's IT service market in the next five years will be 24.7%, higher than the 19% level of the IT market

"active and upward also indicates that the future production capacity of this kind of metal will face expansion and Surpassing" has become Lenovo's service value for commercial customers, which includes: first, active service. It is to be in front of customers, take the initiative to go to customers, find and meet customers' personalized and customized application needs. Second, upward service. It is to constantly improve the service ability, constantly launch new service products and service items, and create more value for customers. Third, beyond the service. Is to exceed customer satisfaction

in the field of mobile communications, a more rational and business and service-oriented era of operational competition is also "approaching" us step by step. In Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, business market segmentation has become an important work for operators. After market segmentation, providing characteristic and personalized services has also become the most direct "battlefield" for mature operators. At home, China Mobile has taken the "two leading" of service and business as the strategic goal of its future development, and once again stressed the importance of building a high-quality network; The development focus of Unicom is CDMA1X network, business construction and building good network service quality

the industrial attribute of real estate is the emerging tertiary industry and service industry. "Service" reflects its essence, especially in the era of service competition in which all industrial markets have evolved to take "customer satisfaction" as the core. There is no reason for the real estate industry not to establish the concept of "service first" and truly reflect the spirit of "whole process service"...

enterprises in the new competitive environment, whether active or passive, Be prepared to fight this service war sooner or later. Service competition should focus on the concept of service, emphasizing that service starts from the design of products and runs through the whole process of product production. Service competition fully embodies "people-oriented" and "everything is to create the value that consumers need"

service needs innovation and personalization

the starting point of any effective service strategy should be to select target customers, and then the business activities of the enterprise should design innovation around this customer group. In this way, compared with other competitors who provide services to ordinary customers, enterprises can better meet the needs of customers. Paying close attention to serving specific customer groups can enable enterprises to create higher customer satisfaction at a lower cost at the same time

take the banking industry for example. With the formation of the opening-up pattern of China's financial industry, it has become a top priority for Chinese commercial banks to provide innovative and personalized services if they want to remain invincible in the competition with foreign banks

a bank official said, "facing the pressure of competition and development, the international standard of financial services is our innovation goal." For this reason, banks began to implement differentiated services. ICBC, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China and other banks have successively upgraded their systems in order to better provide personalized services

taking industrial and Commercial Bank of China as an example, since the 1990s, ICBC has made great efforts in the decoration, electronization and environmental beautification of business sites, which has greatly improved the consumer environment of customers. A comfortable consumption environment and a warm and thoughtful service attitude are undoubtedly the cornerstone of banking services, but in order to satisfy customers, we must also understand what customers need, and then provide services in a targeted manner. ICBC classifies and sorts out customer information through the database system, determines the target customer group according to demographic, life stage, lifestyle, preference and behavior, and then provides different products. Distinguish and design products according to customer needs, so that ICBC's services gradually develop towards commodity type and high value-added. We will reply to you as soon as possible!. The so-called commodity type refers to standardized, large-scale services that are easy to be widely promoted, such as various savings services, loan services and clearing services. High value-added products are a kind of services represented by investment, wealth management and private banking, which are gradually separated from standardized products

service itself can also create value

today, people increasingly realize that good service can not only improve the brand image of the company, increase sales, but also create value by the service itself

some insiders have pointed out that the profit space of an IT enterprise consists of three parts, namely, technology development, product manufacturing and sales, and service provision. These three parts are big at both ends and small in the middle, that is to say, the contribution to enterprise profits, technology development and service provision is far greater than product manufacturing and sales

in people's thinking inertia, service cannot exist independently of products, and it is still an accessory. IBM's service concept of disassembling safety valve adjusting screw is definitely not limited to this. IBM Global service can be provided without any IBM products. Because IBM has proved with its own experience that services can stand on their own feet. IBM's services have established a strong brand in the world, and have become the "troika" of IBM's winning malls like IBM's software and hardware. It can be seen that the concept of comprehensive and product independent service is the secret of IBM's success

look at the home appliance industry. In our concept, can we charge for home appliance Services

in March 2003, Hualing Electric Co., Ltd. offered "one yuan service" and vigorously promoted its activity of "adding one yuan and giving VIP value-added services" in Guangzhou. A relevant person of the company said: they want to separate the cost of after-sales service from the product price

Chen Xiaoshi, chairman of Hualing, said that the market behavior that only pays attention to price profit is sprint, which is explosive but can't be sustained

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