Solution to different problems of moisture content

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Solution to different problems of carton printing moisture content

different moisture content of base paper will affect the flatness and dimensional accuracy of corrugated board. The direction is opposite to the above conditioning screw. Therefore, when producing corrugated board on the corrugated board line, it is necessary to adjust the envelope area of the base paper on each preheater and the paper according to the moisture content of the base paper, and increase the production speed of the board line with its mechanical properties through appropriate heat treatment process. It is best to control the moisture content of the produced corrugated board at 9%, so as to ensure that the produced corrugated board is flat, with high hardness and good stiffness, Otherwise, the strength of corrugated board will lose a lot after being slotted by the printing machine. However, the corrugated board is too dry, and it is easy to crush the inner paper when it is pressed by the paper guide roller and the line pressing wheel on the printing machine, so the moisture content of the corrugated board should be strictly controlled

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