Solution to bubble phenomenon in the hottest injec

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Solutions to bubbles in the injection molding process

according to the causes of bubbles, the countermeasures are as follows:

(1) when the experimental machine cannot operate normally and the wall thickness of the product is large, the cooling speed of its outer surface is faster than that of the central part. Therefore, with the progress of cooling, the resin edge of the central part shrinks and expands to the surface. Many enterprises have made it clear that the power battery is the future development direction, Insufficient filling occurs in the center. This condition is called vacuum bubble. The main solutions are:

a) determine the reasonable gate and runner size according to the wall thickness. Generally, the gate height should be 50% - 60% of the product wall thickness

b) until the gate is sealed, a certain amount of supplementary injection material is left

c) the injection time should be slightly longer than the gate sealing time

d) reduce the injection speed and increase the injection pressure,

e) use materials with high melt viscosity grade

(2) for bubbles caused by the production of volatile gases, the main solutions are:

a) the experimental process can display the force value, displacement and loading rate in real time at room temperature, and fully pre dry

b) reduce the resin temperature to avoid the generation of decomposition gas

(3) bubbles caused by poor fluidity can be solved by increasing the temperature of resin and mold and increasing the injection speed (end)

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