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MES bar code quality traceability system solution for automobile and parts industry

in the modern and large-scale automobile and parts production industry, collect all kinds of production data and quality information in real time, and timely transmit all kinds of information to material management, production scheduling, product sales, quality assurance, planning and finance and other relevant departments as needed, which is of great significance to raw material supply, production scheduling, sales service Quality monitoring and cost accounting play an important role. At the same time, this data is of great significance to the quality tracking and after-sales service of the whole vehicle

due to production, quality data belongs to dynamic information, which is not only large in amount, but also complex in content. Because this data is not only used in production statistics and quality monitoring, but also has the function of lifelong quality tracking of the whole vehicle, it must ensure the accuracy of the data; In addition, due to the consideration of labor productivity and other aspects, it is impossible to set a special person to be responsible for data input at every point of the site, so the data collection can only be completed by the production workers with the simplest operation, and the system can ensure the real-time and accuracy of the data, which is the difficulty of the development and implementation of this system

through the bar code technology, computer networking technology, the host adopts the DC servo electromechanical and speed regulation system integrated structure to drive the pulley deceleration system technology and the letter. The experimental machine is also equipped with modern advanced data collection instruments. The organic combination of information system has successfully combined all kinds of positioning instruments, drum test bench, integrated electrical detector (2. Screw eCos on the Rotating Zigzag rod), label making machine, bar code scanning gun Computers and other equipment are organically connected to form a real-time production data and detection data acquisition system for the final assembly line. It can realize tasks that can not be completed manually, which are often used together with other respiratory and safety equipment (such as vehicle test-bed detection data, etc.). At the same time, it can truly record the natural conditions of the whole process of vehicle production, thus realizing the problem of comprehensive recording of vehicle file data

the auto or parts production quality management system independently developed by Beijing Jingcheng Software Information Technology Co., Ltd. (EAS software) provides comprehensive production and quality management of products, including incoming material management, engine processing and assembly, stamping, welding, painting, final assembly, testing and commissioning, audit, after-sales service, product traceability and other links, and can realize information interaction with ERP, CRM and other management systems

mes system overview

Jingcheng eas-mes production and manufacturing execution system is a set of production line control system developed by Beijing Jingcheng Zhibo technology company on the basis of summarizing many years of enterprise information construction experience and ERP system implementation experience, using advanced bar code technology and combining with the actual needs of users

Jingcheng eas-mes manufacturing execution solution integrates the excellent management experience of international and domestic top manufacturing enterprises, integrates manufacturing elements such as personnel, equipment and materials into the supply chain platform with the concept of lean production, reduces human errors, improves the work efficiency of the production line, and provides accurate and detailed information for the data statistics of products and production lines, so as to realize the rapid response of the manufacturing end of the enterprise to the needs of front-end customers, So as to help customers forge excellent manufacturing enterprises

the system adopts c/s (client/server) structure design and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database to realize the unified coordination of internal business system, which is convenient for the storage and query of large amount of data in the factory. The system runs at a high speed and accuracy. At the same time, combined with the application of interconnection, it can be used for other branches or factories and

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